Advanced Gear/Nanotech (unfinished)



Ouch, that’s a lot of wasted time. The bug thing…nobody will give you a fair hearing unless you can reproduce it in vanilla. It’s always been that way and makes sense from a sanity and time perspective. Some people are dicks about it though. I’m guessing you ran into one of them.

I can’t follow the reasoning behind reducing cargo dimensions volume limits to deal with a problem with low weight items…that one’s beyond me. I imagine it will get a lot of attention when people start to notice. Hopefully this is one that gets reworked.


Patch pushed to github to solve the max stacksize being reduced.


New update:
increased vehicle armor plating, frame, board, and quarterpanel defense
nanosuit flags re-ordered for ease of reading in json, added climate control and some other useful bits
nanotech holster, sheath, and magazine holder
set reload times for guns
moved guns to use abstract to make future work easier
increased coverage of storage items


Another tiny update: liquid compressor 10x max size up to 2500L (good luck moving it like that) because vehicle tank didn’t work and it was either buff the personal item or nerf the vehicle one to make it work. I dislike nerfs, so have a buff, even if it is useless since you can’t carry that much weight. If you have a tank installed on your vehicle, you need to remove it and put it back to fix it.

Unless more bugs are found, next will be melee weapons and the start of work on turrets or everything for turrets depending on how much I feel like doing. And maybe fridge/freezer too.


How about a fungus like “infestion” by a out of control Nano-control tower (or something like that). Would spread and infect creatures kinda like fungus. It could offer great rewards (nanites extracted from the corpses/some sort of source for AI cores, a permanent source of nanites if you reprogram the control tower etc.) of course getting close and even just survivng would be a REALLY hard challenge (creatures could regenerate, the nanite infested floor could spawn enemies from time to time if you are on it [maybe even some stationary turret/tentacles to attack you] and overall rather high hit-points/armor [unless you use EMP, but that should only work to a certain degree])
Now imagines a nanite-infested hulk chasing you down


Another update out.

mag holder arm+leg bug fixed, only arm now
holster, sheath, magholder were larger than intended due to copying and not double checking, size has been reduced
vehicle parts fold volume was way too high due to poor copy/paste skills
vehicle parts can be repaired while attached to vehicle now
mini-shoggoth storage didn’t have proper flags to be worn as a mutant, nor did it allow natural attacks, fixed
fixed plural names for nanites

nanotech frames turned to hybrid frames, and disassemble is possible for them
all nanotech vehicle parts have some damage reduction and some have improved hp
holster+sheath store two items, not one
did looks_like for some more gear
electronic feedstock can be made from 3 copper tubing directly instead of having to disassemble them
metal feedstock can be made from 4 small sheet metal directly instead of having to disassemble them

proper nanotech frames added
melee weapons and shield added
blacklist avoidance trick wasn’t working for others, new laptop added for those that have it blacklisted, useless for anything except entry into nanotech


And another update:


  • notes for anyone working on tilesets to use for appearance ideas
  • bunch of electronics crafting from feedstock added
  • ai cores from feedstock
  • tent crafting added
  • added metal nanopowder, a liquid metal used for turrets as well as an option in crafting ammo bricks, and can be crafted back into metal feedstock if you ever need to for some odd reason
  • new vehicle parts: aisle (assists with lifting large objects nearby), roof (acts as a turret mount), fridge, and freezer
  • nanotech vehicle turrets (shredder, pistol, rifle, smg) that use liquid ammo so they don’t need reloading individually


  • nanite power cell can use metal feedstock directly instead of just canister, and is dark craftable
  • bunch of crafting fixed to be craftable in the dark
  • sheet metal uses proper amount of feedstock and time now
  • capitalization removed to match base game
  • added small sheet metal to ammo recipes
  • vehicle storage uses mini-shoggoth as part instead since it is basically the same thing
  • nanotech compression tank in vehicle folded to half its own size, now folds to proper size
  • nanotech dagger now has fine cutting
  • nanotech crawler now acts as a self-jack system
  • nanotech controls acts as a bed


Can i add this mod to android??


I have no idea how the mobile builds work, but it functions like any other mod, so if you can add other mods, you can add it.


If you have a compatible version, you can



  • add recipe for small sheet metal


  • thought mini-shoggoth was tier 3, but it wasn’t so now it is
  • pipe added to metal feedstock and nanopowder recipes, though it is a bit of a loss of mass
  • electronic scrap added to electronic feedstock recipe
  • copper pot added to electronic feedstock recipe (slight loss in mass, similar to pipe for metal)
  • multitool and guns can take damage from melee combat, unbreakable was intended as a temporary thing before repairs were possible and then was forgotten
  • feedstock now has a volume, this was a bug due to forgetting about it
  • nanotech blade and dagger now require a way to program them
  • AI cores now all have the same size/mass, all things that use AI cores updated with their mass included (excluding nanofactories and programmers)


SO stupid question, but how do I get started on this mod as I don’t have a clue?


Sorry about the delay, was asleep. To get started you need an experimental nanite fabricator which is only found in labs or science corpse spawns with extremely low chance, as well as an experimental AI core, which is part of the tier system, and you always want to collect more of those. You also need 10 fabrication until you can get a nanofactory going. The beginning is extremely expensive, with the costs reducing significantly with each tier you go through.


Thanks, your a real help and fantastic mod.

Edit: After getting lucky while hitting a few science labs, and disassembling them into feed. I have now gotten into the vehicle part of your mod, while highly enjoying the parts i have to ask for a non-door quarterpanel/board as I would like the option to have them as impassable.


I’m new to this mod and a little confused. I’ve found an experimental nanite fabricator, I need Nanite Core MK.1 to start working with nano stuff. But to make the core, it requires advanced nano tools ?
Can you help me ? @Shard


You should be able to craft the core with a programming laptop (workaround for mods blacklisting control laptop) or the basegame control laptop. The nanotech tools are there so that you can throw away the basic laptop once you get into the nanotech stuff.