Nanites mod

hi everyone!

let me introduce a new mod of the game called Nanites. This adds a certain substance of nanorobots, which can optionally take the form of various useful objects.

find it hard. for normal work is necessary to collect a few kilograms of it, as well as to find the instructions. take care about military memorandums.

nanorobots can be found in several places, first nanites if you’re lucky you’ll find on the site of a helicopter crash.

requests, suggestions as well as a list of items to which you would like to nanorobots accessed, write here.

not to lose the enjoyment of the game, the mod files is better not to watch)

Nanites you can dowload here:
url deleted

Pretty neat mod you made there. I like this idea of gathering this material (nanobots) and making tool replicas with no need for other tools. The recipes seem to be balanced needing a lot of the nanites material. It would be nice to see more tools and weapons from this in the future along with some clothing. One suggestion would be a profession that starts with nothing but nanites and they can make tools to aid in their survival. Good work with this!

So, I spread the two versions of the modification.

The first modification is a fair, it’s expanded with notes of military and scientists. Also added a recipe for crafting of nanorobots (reason will be clear from the notes). The modification is designed for a long game. At the beginning of the game is impossibe to get a lot of nanorobots and documentation. Imba impossible.

The second modification is a test, it added to fields nanorobots and documentation. You can play around and see. It is convenient to analyze and rebalance.

Plans to add recipes for treatment of nanorobots in an increasing number of tools.

As usual, I will be glad remarks, reviews and desired instruments. Thank you!

Fair mod url deleted
Test mod url deleted

minor update. both versions are joined to one mod. I added some crafting recipes of nanorobots. Also I added the profession ‘Nanites Technician’, available in two scenarios - in the woods and on the site of the helicopter crash. Technician has in hands a little of nanorobots and documentation sufficient to learn how to manage it.
Update to the scenarios.json which brings makes it compatible with experimental 4374, courtesy of Noctifer.

So, this mod is still going on or i was abandoned to the dust?, just askingbecause i really like the idea of nanites in the world.

there’s currently two versions of this mod in existence one being maintained by TheGoatGod and the other being maintained by Kenan2000 I hope these github links are helpful if we wish to play with this mod.