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Whoo, adding this mod makes you cautious when moving and around light in general; I’ve been bushwhacked several times by roving bandits while crafting.

Try adding “GUILT” to the looter. Their description implies they aren’t full bandits and are more sympathetic. Also consider giving them “STALK” and lower morale and aggression.

You might decrease the default fake stats for the bandits and double their HP or peg their HP to a player’s average HP for a given strength+trait level. Also try lowering some bandits’ special attack range to around their average 50% hit probability range to preserve their ammunition.


It would make sense for someone new to take up the torch then since OP is not working on it. I would make the assumption he would not mind as he seems to want to pass the torch in his last post here. “Hope this settles some stuff and best of luck to anybody doing anything with this.”

So how about it Bork? You seem itching to add to it hint hint ;D

I’d be happy to have NPCs just work at all at this point lol
I’ve been to bandit bases with land mines surrounding it. But sadly everyone inside sits and lets you just shoot them without any fight. It should be noted that adding timers to NPC would be great. To mimic functions.

…do we have timers? 0_o


Does anyone have a download link where all I have to do is unzip it and that’s it? I don’t feel too confident in messing with files when PKs is involved


Okay, I’ve updated it. In this version, the bandits have the same range as the player. I’m planning on playing with their accuracy as, at this point, if a bandits with a rifle see you, you’re very, very likely to die, but that can be !!FUN!! too.

The new version is below and the old version is also below for convenience. The old version still works just fine so far as I’ve seen, so if you like the balance there, cool, or if you want to get shot from 65 tiles away (max), have at it with the new version. Also - players now feel guilt for killing looters (v0.12 only).
If there are any issues, lemme’ know.

Hard mode v0.12 rar!WKgwwQAb!Dd-BYQYY9juKDFYsIYoacL5YtSleyX76ljcQa6rrIOM

v0.11 rar!bbAD1CSC!zSREEX8OszAuTdWh2odKLdhKxQ4Tb9CNs9WhxUnmKUs
v0.11 zip!uPhQ0JiJ!TyQgh1ejO8BHUs1ynuFzPmgLLLEgmMOY3e3Kqj-4UVU


I’m playing with spawn rates at 50 and wander spawns on, I have a feeling having more armed men roaming around will actually be a boon to me :grin:


What do you feel C:DDA should feel like more?

  • More like that
  • Less like that

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That sounds quite intense.

If only there was another NPC to be on the lookout.
Couldnt game controls switch to an NPC?
Like, while one is crafting the other is defending…

Silly idea, coding that might be too hard…


You can fix that by adding
"magazine": 100,
to bandit death drop groups containing guns. The zombie soldier uses the same method to generate magazines with guns.


Bandits are dropping leather instead of human skin when butchered.


So the bandits are all played by Jack Palance?


How does this fix an NPC when they just sit and be killed? 0_o


You gotta sit with them and give them time. That’s what friends do, when someone is having a rough time you can’t just put more stress on them and expect that to help.


Can you give me more details on them dropping leather? I tested it a bit just now and have found them to drop the expected human fleshy bits. I haven’t changed anything about their drops that I know of, but that doesn’t mean that something weird hasn’t happened. Which version are you using, which build of C:DDA are you using, and is it only the specific unit “bandit”, or is it all types of bandits?

Or has the issue been otherwise resolved?


I can’t replicate it. I may have been mistaken.


Glad to hear nothing weird was going on.


It’s not cannibalism if you just eat their fat:


That doesn’t seem to reflect real-life… right?


I took a shot at tweaking this whilst trying to learn how to mod for this game. I have ambitions to make a Day 0 mod down the line with scenarios set in a cityscape with rioters and mayhem of the very moment the Cataclysm tips over before the majority of humans are killed off.

I had some success working with this mod figuring things out but I ran into a really odd problem I haven’t been able to solve. The bandits in this randomly attack each other when not fighting anything. Working strictly with the Looters, they spawn in groups and will cooperate with each other mostly when fighting anything, but whenever they kill a zombie off they’ll randomly start attacking each other swarming around the spot until they find something else to attack.

I tried making a new monster faction file and changing their faction relationships in a bunch of different ways, changing their tags a little, dialing down their aggression stat but they always ran into this problem where if they stood next to each other without anything to fight they attack one another.

Anyone have any idea on how to solve this? I suppose it’s not terribly important as in the big cities they’re going to be picked off pretty quickly, but I’d like to figure out whats going on here.

On a side note, for anyone else looking at this mod with regards to compatability in the future, I managed to get the spawn list working by adding

“edit-mode”: “modify”,

to the monster groups, so for example

"edit-mode": "modify",
"name" : "GROUP_ZOMBIE",

And then I excised any references to the other monsters so when I update the game, when the spawn lists are substantially changed, hopefully this mod will continue to work


That’s really weird. NPCs with the same faction shouldn’t attack each other. Can you post the JSON you’re using to define the Looter’s faction and the NPCs you’re spawning?


Hey, thanks for taking an interest.

Here’s a mediafire link to the work I’ve done so far, the latest attempt I was working with. It’s got extra stuff in there like custom tiles for the ChestHole32 tileset:

I’ll save you some potential time though and quote the entry for the Looter here, and the faction entry for it.

In gov_bandits.json, the Looter NPC:


“type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mon_bandit_looter”,
“name”: “Looter”,
“default_faction”: “bandit_loot”,
“death_drops”: {
“subtype”: “collection”,
“groups”: [
[ “bandit_looter”, 100 ]
“into”: “mon_bandit_scrapper”,
“half_life”: 21
“description”:“Covered in ragtag armor, the look in this one’s eyes denotes desperation, a common but dangerous feeling in this time.”,
“anger_triggers”:[“HURT”, “PLAYER_CLOSE”],
“type” : “item_group”,
“subtype”: “collection”,
“id”: “bandit_looter”,
{ “group”: “default_zombie_death_drops”, “damage”: [0, 4] },
{ “group”: “bandit_looter_drops”, “damage”: [0,4], “prob”: 80}

And in monster_factions.json their faction relationships with the other bandits in this mod, this was my latest attempt at making them behave:


“name”: “”,
“base_faction”: “”,
“by_mood”: [ “” ]
“name”: “bandito”,
“friendly”: [ “bandit_loot”, “bandit_gun”, “bandit_raid”, “small_animal” ]
“name”: “bandit_loot”,
“base_faction”: “bandito”,
“friendly”: [ “bandit_gun”, “bandit_raid” ]
“name”: “bandit_gun”,
“base_faction”: “bandito”,
“friendly”: [ “bandit_loot”, “bandit_raid” ]
“name”: “bandit_raid”,
“base_faction”: “bandito”,
“friendly”: [ “bandit_loot”, “bandit_gun” ]

And here’s how they spawn in, from bandit_groups.json. This may have something to do with it? Here’s just one entry that I think makes them appear on the city streets:


“edit-mode”: “modify”,
“name” : “GROUP_ZOMBIE”,
“default” : “mon_zombie”,
“monsters” : [
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_glock”, “freq” : 9, “cost_multiplier” : 5, “pack_size” : [1,2] },
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_glock”, “freq” : 9, “cost_multiplier” : 8, “pack_size” : [2,3] },
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_shotgun”, “freq” : 7, “cost_multiplier” : 9, “pack_size” : [1,2] },
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_shotgun”, “freq” : 7, “cost_multiplier” : 10, “pack_size” : [2,2] },
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_glock”, “freq” : 8, “cost_multiplier” : 9, “pack_size” : [3,3] },
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_looter”, “freq” : 15, “cost_multiplier” : 5, “pack_size” : [1,2] },
{ “monster” : “mon_bandit_looter”, “freq” : 15, “cost_multiplier” : 5, “pack_size” : [2,3] }

Initially they all belonged to the faction “bandit” and I added a monster faction with that name in a mod monster_factions.json with nothing much added to it in order to troubleshoot it. I also took out the “PUSH_MON” tag thinking they may be shoving each other out of the way, with no avail. It may even be my testing method. I’ve been building worlds and going into an empty field spawning groups of 3 with the debug menu and watching them. Setting them to friendly, etc. (They swarm around me and still hit each other)

They seem to get along well enough unless they see anything, then they go a bit wonky. They dont stand still fighting, just hit each other every now and then whilst milling around. But I started trying to figure this out when I seem them swiping at one another on the city streets when they spawned in like they should.

Thanks for any help.