Susprisingly non-violent bandits

Stumbled upon a bandit house in the woods with a pair of bandits in it. Decided to check it out. However while the bandits are listed as Attacking in the Monsters tab, and are hostile when I attempt to talk to them, they don’t actually attack me. One is unarmed, while the other has a gun, and neither seem to actually do anything. I’ve even tried standing right next to them, and holding the pass turn button until several minutes have passed.

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Thats weird, do you happen to have any mods that have anything to do with NPCs? That could possibly have to do with it.

here’s the mod list


Move any creature and NPC/robot mod low on the list. That tends to clear up a few interaction bugs. Aside from that. Many NPCs will just stand there while getting killed. They need work. But on the bright side you didn’t get socked with an ass kicking :wink:

It’s a known bug. People are working to fix it in a way that doesn’t re-open a different set of bugs that we just fixed.

Sweet. Does this cover the NPCs in the refugee building when attacked by zombs too? =D

No, it only affects NPCs targeting the player. They can recognize monsters and other NPCs as threats just fine.

From what I can tell what happens with NPCs is that when they are in the hostile state but are static NPCs they won’t move to attack the player nor will the ones in the refugee center or elsewhere doesn’t matter what you did to them. However this applies less for NPCs with guns they’ll fire if you are within I think 7 tiles. Easiest way I can think to fix this is to make it so static just means they return to a certain point on the map but will move to attack players/NPCs/monsters as the way I have experienced this is they’ll attack just not move the much.

These were random bandits, so I doubt they were static. And I got within 1 tile of them, and they still weren’t shooting at me.

You know it is really funny watching bandits/thugs/raiders get eaten by baby roaches and them doing absolutely nothing