Add Bandits

Exemplary work, I used to love this mod! Very much looking forward to testing this out!

Aaaaand I got an error when I tried to open the file.

Same error when I tried to download again.

“Cannot open file as archive” is what I’m getting.

Derp, sorry.!bbAD1CSC!zSREEX8OszAuTdWh2odKLdhKxQ4Tb9CNs9WhxUnmKUs

That one should work.

Still getting the same error

I just tested sending it to a friend using 7-zip. If you are too, right click the file and click open archive. If you’re using something else, it’s likely a similar procedure. Using winrar, it opens right up (because it’s a .rar).

Using 7-zip, get the error when attempting to open.

… Huh… I’ve tested it with a few people now. I’ve also tested it myself using winrar and 7-zip. Failing all that, here it is packed as a zip file.!uPhQ0JiJ!TyQgh1ejO8BHUs1ynuFzPmgLLLEgmMOY3e3Kqj-4UVU

If it still doesn’t work, I have no idea what the issue is, but fixing the file yourself is quite easy, just need to make the changes I listed gov_bandits file.

Download worked! Testing now…

Able to spawn the bandits in but haven’t met any in the wild yet. I’m using pk rebalance and using the patch included.

The spawned bandits react normally attacking player and zombies. No problems with them shooting either.

Fantastic! I’m glad it worked for you.

As I said, I haven’t tested the spawning thoroughly, but it worked fine in vanilla. The town I tested it in (for only a few minutes) was actually fairly lively. I might test the PK spawns tomorrow as well to see if everything is working as intended. The bandit spawns are fairly high in towns, but they don’t wander too far out of them. Should see them somewhat rarely in the forests and the like.

Isn’t that patch really really old though? I don’t think it has much in the way of compatibility with PK’s current spawn lists and the mapgen properties of the current experimental editions.

I could be wrong. Please let us know what you find out. I’d love to start using this mod again.

Just tested it. It does kind of work. Bandits will spawn correctly, but it does cause issues with spawning in PK creatures in some places. If you’ll gimmie’ a little bit, I’ll see if I can fix that.

Okay, spawn lists have been fixed. Every is now spawning correctly, though there were a few spawn groups that are no longer part of PK, but it doesn’t seem to matter, bandits should still spawn in all the right places. Due to the number of PK creatures all fighting for who gets to spawn, some areas may have very light bandit presence, but due to the RNG, you may have other places where there are some serious swarms of bandits.

Just drag the files into the bandit_mod folder as normal.!qaYx2I5I!5rAvWI_Y2U-hGnU-BCPuVDrJYazj0TeThOhdQWgQvDg
WinRAR version.!vSRBCSIK!fCI63CdR6zIJKB3XrjlqevdubJd5nvIBZe07OLh6x8A

Let me know if there are any issues.

Edit: Links updated. Bandits now spawn in 3 more default locations and are now identical to the original patch in spawn locations. The new file is pk_spawnlist_bandit.
Edit 2: Left bandit spawns at 900 instead of 9 in the gov_spawn_list file. Spawns have been fixed and links have been updated. The streets are supposed to run red with blood, not bandits.

The spawngroups you can’t find in PK (like GROUP_PHARM) are default spawngroups unedited by PK.

To get the mod working properly you now have to load Bandits before PK with gov_spawn_list, and overwrite the pk_xxx files in PKs spawn folder with yours, which is not really ideal. You should add the missing edited default spawngroups as a new pk_xxx file for ease of install.

Why… did I not think of that? I’ll just add the default stuff to spawnlist_zed then. I expect that that’d mean that those locations don’t get PK creatures anyway, so it should work fine, yeah?

I’ll test it and replace the links.
Edit: Actually, I’ll not be lazy and make a new file as suggested. I’ll leave it in for testing and fix it before fixing the links.

Awesome. I’ll give this a spin tonight! Thanks for your work here gentlemen. =D

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LOOOOOOL Just noticed I left the bandit spawns crazy high in the gov_spawn_list. Fixing that now.

@GovTD are you developing this privately? There’s been a ranged weapon rebalance.

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Unfortunately I have not been developing this mod for a really long time, because of life stuff. I don’t really have any desire to work on this at all since it’s been so long, but it’s real cool other people like it. Also, not that it really matters, but just so it’s in the books I’m fine with anyone doing anything they please with the code/ideas/whatever.

But yeah, I’m no longer a part of this thing, sorry. Hope this settles some stuff and best of luck to anybody doing anything with this.


Oh, ok. Thanks for making this mod. It has really had an impact on the worlds it’s been added to. Good luck with life.

Wait, what? I’ve been off doing other things for a while. In doing some really quick research I spotted talk about guns being more accurate and having much better range. Sounds pretty cool.

That said, if anyone can catch me up, is the issue the balance is now out the window, or has the code for “creatures” using weapons changed such that bandits no longer function? I’m not sure which would be harder to fix, but when I get a little time I can see what I can do.