Group of bandits

Hi. Whay do you think about this idea? Small group of people(3-4 persons) with hords system(so loud noise can attract them). They should have guns and melee weapons. Always hostile and dangerous

That would be pretty great. With just a few adjusts it would be really easy to do, without touching the hordes system, enemies that spawn like wolves, in packs. However, NPCs would be hard i think.

I’m not code-literate, but can NPCs build structures, I imagine a few houses with boarded up-windows either contain survivors (or bandits) or survivor zombies.

They can’t build but you can mod in buildings with bandits in them.

Doing this with NPCs might be a bit hard, but I’m in favor of making monster-type bandits that are much simpler and don’t try to talk to you or anything, just attack.
Think raiders in FO3/4

Could’ve sworn there was a group of gun-toting human “monsters” in an experimental build a year or two ago. “Reavers”, I think? Maybe they could be put to good use now…

Definitely like the idea of human raider “monsters”, more ranged enemies would be nice.

guns are stronk.

gotta be careful

ill offer up the premade gun monsters I have. but what loots should they have mine drop damaged survivor zombie gear and nearly destroyed guns/ammo

human monsers sounds like placeholder or sign of lazines because we have bandit npcs already (no offense), if npc horde is too much for now why do not try this with robots?
wolf and other animals are nice too but i think they should be invisible on map

malfunctioning robutts sounds nice.

or somebody coding in rare spot bandits that gen when you are almost atop them.

or a bandit camp spawn, like the quest, where they end up chasing a squirrel across the map anywho

we have rare bandits camps now but its realy rare (and you find it mostly when you get mission)