A Question on radiation

So a simple question i know of the irradiated items like irradiated pear. can you make them? like i know of a realtivly close (read a few miles away) toxic waste dump in one map could i just get some hazmat stuff from a zombie and my got from spawn gasmask and just leave some items there to get irradiated versions?

Irradiated fruit isn’t fruit that has been contaminated by radiation. It’s fruit that has been treated with a specific nuclear process to dry it out.

oh would be cool. tho more high end to be able to make something that could do that so you can store lots of food

There’s a mod for irradiating food. I was reading the thread on it just yesterday, possibly the day before, but damned if I can find it now.

Well actually, no. The irradiation process is a process not to dry. But to kill bacteria. For the express purpose of making it completely sterile. Which then of course allows the food item to stave off spoiling. Whether or not it is safe is a different debate.

We also have other methods of food preservation:

Freeze Drying
Curing(salt, normally)
Vacuum Sealing
Harsh Language

The reason there’s a mod for it instead of it being present in the main game is that in reality the devices to do it are either prohibitively large or prohibitively power-hungry. Finding a food packaging plant that has such a device and getting it running is a possibility in the future, but having i.e. a device in the back of your truck to do it doesn’t seem to make sense. Basically lower-tech forms of food preservation scale much much better.

One niche that does make sense is if you find a passive emitter, these are prohibitively expensive to assemble, but if you simply find one, you have an almost-free food preservation solution that just requires you to take food to the irradiation facility.

oh yeah a More Base with power management idea for doing the nuclear preservation would work but a car version not so much

I kind of like the idea of finding a radiation emitter. I’m not familiar enough with the process to know how power hungry such a thing would be though or if it essentially powers itself through nuclear decay.

Admittedly I feel more confident in my knowledge of the other preservation techniques. I would think however. That years away from now. The game could make use of a large factory facility and convert it into a base. Able to use a field of solar power and wind turbines, with the employ of numerous npc helpers. The method could come up then.

Rimworld? I have not played it as I am way too poor. But I have seen many a Let’s Play on youtube to find the overall concept an interesting one.

oh i have that game. I got it yearss ago when i was still beta so it was much cheaper

I do have access to a YAAAaaaaR harr! version. But i choose not to risk a virus from it. Never was able to buy it. So. Stuck watching from afar. Looks decent. But I’m thinking this game could take elements from Rimworld for Future building. As in. Eventually as an end game solution to keep the game going. The game may have to find a way to add another game on to itself like an expansion pack of sorts. Where by the game changes pace from solo survivor too, rebuild the world and either lead or be apart of that process.

Warring factions could ensue. Peaceful coalitions etc.

oh yeah had a idea like that
thre stages or “years” as i called them.
year 1 is the solo surivial
year 2 is building your own faction. (aka a proper base with other npcs)
year 3 a risk or something style faction fighting with different faction and the apility to decide how your faction works. like i would have a very mutation friendly faction. and some things like mutation relation affect how other factions see you and you could join or fight other factions. Good with idea but can’t propgram

A couple of my own examples. Not at all perfect. The more concise(well structured/built). The more likely someone who can program may do so =)