~The Flesh Forest~

regen benefits must not overweight taking damage, maybe a heal burst when a nearby ally unit dies to make their tactics about swarming so bringing a flamer would be actual idea

en combat they better have more ways for ambush scenario like eggs only in corners to prevent erupting them without taking damage, this includes invisible arachnids/zeds that simply wait until you damage them or come closer, ss2 was pretty rich on panic moments like a trapped sam console that on activating releases 3 spiders around you

human enemies must have names on them in manner of that shocker zombie in refugee center quest for better effect, bonus if they would speak irrational crap

non-gibbed/critted mobs on death may release a annelid

hidden/hibernating annelids that are invisible, mainly on bodies or furniture for more panic effect

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Also make sure that flesh forest enemies never leave their overmap territory, and prevent spawning too much fleshies in that area.

So… What happens to the non-biological stuff like rocks and guns? do they just “disappear”? OR sinks underneath the forest?

Nope. Those stay where they are and if it could be programmed similar to the Fungus/Mycoid mob behavior. A “Flesh” variant could grow over those objects.Not much different really. Except a different faction and instead of white like fungus. It is a pinkish and brownish hue.

I also imagine creatures similar to these guys / TURN THE VOLUME DOWN, sorry I cannot change this as it isn’t my video.

Silent Hill film clip

The flesh is dirty-ish. Instead of spore clouds dropping and proliferating fungus floor growth. The flesh can just creep around the general area around the anus cave(sorry couldn’t resist this idea lol).

Would the creatures really need to be culled though? What would the reason be? Last I recall. Mycoids can travel just about everywhere without limitation. Destroying everything in their path. I imagine the Flesh would do something similar. I tend to play around these areas. I run like hell as a noob and light them all on fire when I have moderate skill and resources =D

I really disagree with you on this part. None of the creatures should be invisible. That would defeat the point of egg bursting sacs.
New idea: Egg Sac has proximity timer(x turns before sac bursts open; similar to revive proximity of reviving zombies). Egg sacs however, may be destroyed by fire if you can light them before they burst open. How about this for a balance compromise?

Bringing a flame thrower in a confined area seems like a really bad idea. For getting a regeneration body organ and small mutation limbs is worth the difficulty of killing the Creeper. You can use this to heal 25-45% of your character damage and mend broken limbs. 25% = cured organ / 45% fresh(before rotting). If you carry this and eat it in a future battle. This makes the battle with the Creeper balanced without being over powered.

…plus you may have to use explosives or a .50cal or many shotgun slugs. Something powerful = powerful benefit item =D

Also, lighting the Creeper on fire may lead to “Scorched Creeper” = the cooked body is beyond salvaging. Tough luck friend lol

Containment Breach


Jesus, that is some good stuff. Read all 6 installments.

I’m gonna bring up my suggestions in a more ‘artistic’ format. Seems like a fitting idea to me.
I didn’t read everything since that’s a lot to read in one sitting.

Cataclysm Research Notes - Flesh Lands
I came across a strange, fleshy land today. The very ground is made of skin, muscle, and sinew. While disgusting, digging up this ‘dirt’ would provide an infinite source of food in case of an emergency. But it’ll somehow need to be cleansed first.
There are some strange pits scattered about. I dare not go to close, as they are lined with seemingly hundreds of crooked teeth. I hope to never find out whether this truly is a mouth or not.
I just barely managed to avoid some odd spiders too. I would have fallen into their trap myself if it wasn’t for another survivor. A slight change in the ground hides spiders made of a thousand eyes and coated in human bones. Just before their screams fainted away, I saw yellow-green pustules inside. I can only guess that to be the spider’s eggs.
The occasional pile of bones mark the territory of Puss Bears, as I’ve come to call them. On them are pimple-like objects that, when ruptured, explode out in acidic puss.
There are many ‘trees’ about, covered in various limbs. They tried to grab me earlier, thank goodness I escaped.
Another survivor managed to pick some strange fruits from the trees. They supposedly have great healing properties, but taste like vomit. If you grind them up, you can put them in bandage, that can slowly heal a shattered bone. Although the process is more efficient, it is also slower.

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I like this one :slight_smile:
Generally because what’s inside that pit is the thing that made me interested to come down (ffs, not to fall for death, but to discover more)

I got the idea from something I heard of called a ‘hell mouth.’ I don’t know much about them, other than they are ‘mouths’ to and from hell.

Well, we’ve got hell mouth filled with lava in CDDA :wink:

I just want to ask if someone has done this. If yes, provide any links to it so we can try this :confused:

Mostly my brainstorming habit when I get into the game a little more than usual. Feel free to bump though. We may yet see some one develop this into the game one day =D

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I remember the original C&C games for DOS. But beyond that. I kinda left those behind for stuff like Morrowind when the modding scene really picked up. I was on the ground floor when the big names were new then and helped make some cool stuff…er…told people ideas and they made stuff for everyone rather =^_^=


Oh wait. I was going somewhere with that. Ummmm…I didn’t take that idea from C&C =D

I like the idea. You could have all the NPC’s in an underground settlement speak fluent Russian.

Some Laboratorys have railways directly connecting multiple labs. Not sure why they would be speaking russian though. Metro games are in russia. If the idea were borrowed. Perhaps adding a random NPC group in a camp in sewers/subways in general would be a thing?

I was referencing the Metro© series.

Sees a tree made of breasts
Guess I’ll wait for the fruit to ripen.


yonsisac maybe making this. Could ask him if he would add in trees with…Melons :wink:

Not that I would agree with this or anything besides adding it as a joke in an extra feature manually or something.

Hoping if he does make it. Perhaps Undead will make some tiles for it if yon does not.