Portable ways to get irradiated

I have a Prime NPC who got radiogenic, and I was wondering if there was a way to be able to regularily give them irradiation so they can heal from it? I found that wading in sewage water and toxic waste disposal gave irradiation, but I would like to bring it with me. I have tried carrying around plutonium slurry but it doesn’t seem to be irradiating me…

You could find a damaged mininuke or an artifact that irradiates you.

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Well there’s always the radiation mutations.

Time to go punch my mininuke :wink:

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atomic coffe machine, and atomic lamp\nightLight probably irradiate you also when damaged. Might also work with damaged putonium cells.

Atomic drinks irradiate you.

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Atomic drinks seem to work. I have a weak character so I am having a hard time damaging an atomic light.

Try driving over it with a bike or something once. (Save before hand I don’t remember if it damages it or outright destroys it)

I damaged it with my grenade launcher. The item has turned green which I think indicates it gives of radiation. It does seem to be enough to irradiate me though. My geiger counter was reading me as 0 (2 from items) when I had my power armor on. I took it off and the nit was 6 (0 from items). I’m super confused as to why and then later the numbers went down to 0 (0 from items)…

Could be it works like the Radiation mutations where you have to let it build up in a spot to really get irradiated, it builds up on the tile then infect you if thatt’s the case so keeping it where you sleep should keep you irradiated better then carrying it. Might not work that way at all of course but that’s been my radiation experience from some highly radioactive characters that never fell bellow 15.

You could also get a Reactor CBM, both the normal and Advanced give you some rads.

True, but in over 1 year playing the game I have yet to see either one.