[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset



What is the difference between the latest updates of deadpeople, and the undeadpeople versions.


congrats on making zombies x100000 more terrifying. Best tileset of all time!


Two completely the same tilesets.
DeadPeople - always gets rewrighten by game update.
UndeadPeople - not touched by game update.


Ah cool, I always been just deleting the one that came with the updates and copying over the newest one, one less step now.
Thanks for all the work you put into this, very much appreciated.


In next tileset update - firefigher stuff.



hmm 32x32 tileset… been awhile since my last time i saw this kind of tileset in minecraft…

how do i install the tileset?


You can use the one that comes with the experimental or if the github is latest. You click the download green button on the right side above that chart looking framework whilst at github. Save it to wherever you prefer. Unpack it with a archive program like 7z or RAR or something similar. Then add the named folder (the one with all the .PNG’s) to the graphics (grfx?) folder. If it doesn’t exist. Though I am sure it should. Run the game once and exit. Then it should create a few new folders. Anyway. After you added the named folder to the graphics folder. You will start the game and go into options. Find the one that allows you to choose the graphics. Choose the named folder you just added. Game loads it after a minute(few seconds) and you now have it installed.

The mod folder is for adding those cute icons over your head that detail your condition instead of making you check wtf is going on in the stat screen. So if you add the Hybrid folder to the mod and choose that mod when creating a new game. It will then show symbols over your toons head when poisoned, gassed, nauseous, grabbed, etc…


necromancers be lookin like bogmire from luigis mansion


Yeah this tile set is updated pretty much as soon as new content is released its amazeing.

Thanks again for adding heaters ETC :slight_smile:


allright i did install this tileset and hell this is really good…

but i encounter 2 bugs from this tileset :

  1. Out Of Memory error.

when i start the game after first installing this tileset, i instantly go to option and change my usual tileset (Chesthole32) to this one (MSX-Dead-People) and then i start the game and see the tileset myself (its really good and fresh, but there is black lines on some tiles) and then i decided to change again to MSX-UnDead-People and then pops out 'Unable to load file graphic, Out Of Memory" which is a surprise because i never thought that this game can encounter such error. and im playing in 4gb Ram so its impossible my memory is run out. (the game only used 800MB memory on task manager)

  1. Mixed up bug

this one is kinda weird because i don’t know how it happens, but this one happening recently after testing this tileset i change my tileset back to Chesthole32 to make sure that Out Of Memory error doesn’t happen again. and then when i start playing and doing my usual “Kill and Loot” i see some of the zombies uses MSX-Dead-People tileset style rather than the Chesthole style i used (Chesthole styled zombies mostly but 4-6 of them used MSX-Dead-People). while this is weird its also confused me because im still not used to the tileset.

but nonetheless i give this tileset 8 out of 10, fresh and good but needs some improvement, especially with the black lines on some tiles.


Usually when i change settings in the game i restart it. That way i know 100% what settings were changed. About chesthole i do not know much, i saw it uses some sprites from Xotto tileset so this what you maybe encountered.


It is problem with rendering of the game itself. It do not stocks tiles together correctly. It is happening in other tilesets too, but way less noticeble, for some reason.
Changing render to direct3d usually solves this problem. You will need to close the game and open it again for rendering to change.

There is small chance what you can be “lucky” and even direct3d render will not get rid of the lines. (Like in Rycon’s case, for example)
In that case you should go and yell at Kevin or who ever on GitHub to fix that problem.


ohh i thought those black lines are from your tileset :smile:

but its a minor issue, i never cared about it, as long as it works perfectly… i love it…

oh yeah… does your tileset comes with a special setting? i found new setting on the Traits menu after installing your tileset like choosing hair and color skin.


Oh you will notice it… when the winter comes. Those lines will be everywhere on the snow!
No, no special settings. There was a mod on character appearance, couple of days ago it was mainlined in to the game.


oohh that’s something i didn’t know (mainlined character appearance)

:smile: if that’s the case, then i would like some recommendation on what renderer setting should i use. Software is the one i used. and i got direct3d and direct3d11 and opengl…

which one?


Only direct3d. Others will give you black lines.
And disable any filtering options, it is also broken.


allright… time to adapting to the tileset…

thanks for the recommend… :+1:


I’d really like to not have CBMs alter the character’s appearance. How can I edit them out? Tried messing with the JSON but it just turned the whole thing back to ASCII.
Great tileset btw.


Use a paint program like Gimp or something. Gimp is free and you can grab it over at PortableApps. When you get their portable version the thing is installed to whatever and wherever you extract the files to. So you can drop it into a memory stick or something and take it with you and use as you please.

If you want to make the CBMs invisible you can open Gimp. Open the graphic file that holds the CBM art. Erase the specific squares you don’t like. Save it. Then whenever you play the game and get a CBM. The graphic won’t be visible to you.

Hope that helps as a possible solution.


Cool, I’ll try it later. Thanks.
Edit: Worked really well!


@ SomeDeadGuy - Thanks for the info on those lines; they were really beginning to annoy me… :wink: