**20170216 Big Sprite Update** MShock32Xottoplus Tileset Oversprite Tileset


I’ll probably start adding PK mod weapons also, like the Ithaca or Klaxon shotguns etc.


I wasn’t expecting this. I’ll have to wait until Nibelung44 and veedanya are done moddifying the tileset before I add my changes to it. I’ve made hundreds of changes (mostly insignificant), so comparing their version to mine is going to be painstaking. :confused: Glad you guys are improving the tileset though. PK compatibility is not something I’ll do. I had considered it until I came across the Kwama creature from the Elder Scrolls games. That was a critical blow to my ability to care about spriting for the mod. Some people like it though, so it’s good that someone is doing what they can to make it work.


I don’t really intend on doing more than all the mobs (which are already done), since I spend most of my time working on the base game rather than mods.

That said, I am currently pushing the all-the-mobs patch and ottoplus to replace the default MShock32 tileset bundled with the game. It should become standard across all games in the next few days since there haven’t been any objections to my proposal.

If anyone does add further tiles or sounds – and you don’t want (or know how) to use the github – just send it to me and I’ll have it added to the base game.


@veedanya: Sounds good to me. XottoPlus is the dominant variant in my opinion. I can git it myself when the time comes.


I don’t have done much these days, I only added 2 weapons and their ammos from PK to the list of tiles (and also modified the sound file to have them do some noise), so I believe you can update the file egomassive.

Happy to see Xottoplus recognized as the most updated and cool tileset. I imagine the Deon tileset with the huge babyheads for characters has some fans though…


I resumed my project for 6180. I’m just started, so work is in early stage. I planning to fill out mod tiles(pk, ++, ect.) In this update.
I will update tileset here after complete and tested.(will take some deal of time)

Thanks! I think your tiles are better than former ones. Can i use some of your tiles?

I want use tiles in above image.

Is there a problem? I mean, in CDDA there is mininuke launcher, and this item is obviously resembles Fallout’s Fat Man.(I think this is kind of parody or something)


Wow. This looks fantastic.
Quick question though, I recall seeing the first post saying mutations are in too.
Are these individual mutations, or a sprite change once you hit post-thresh?


Blob parts (Blazemod)

[quote=“Bill Chompski, post:47, topic:11301”]Quick question though, I recall seeing the first post saying mutations are in too.
Are these individual mutations, or a sprite change once you hit post-thresh?[/quote]

Individual mutations.


More Blazemod stuff +ect.

I changed vehicle attachment background from red panel to metal panel.


I added some mod tiles includes PKmod. I captured this tiles from MXP tileset.(This tiles is not my work. Original maker allowed me to use.)


That Cyberdemon is so goddamn cute i want to cuddle with it


Trees and sandbag wall.


Magnificent work there… Its available right now or still WIP?


I might steal the tree idea from you one day, if you don’t mind.


More trees. (All trees maybe.)

It’s WIP.



Holy hell. This tileset is looking amazing. Once it is out I’m going to have to nab it and then get back into the game.


I know right :D, I rarely change from this texture pack thanks to how amazing it is (btw keep up the good work Xotto as it is baffling)



vault zombies


This truly is a thing of beauty cant wait to get my hands on it :slight_smile:



more tall monsters