**20170216 Big Sprite Update** MShock32Xottoplus Tileset Oversprite Tileset


my work is almost done. It’s in trial test.


new version updated. Current latest version: build 6180

improves and changes: blade trap/ dissector trap/ palisade/ boulder/ sandbag/ big tree/ radio tower/ cvd machine/ corpes pit
light power armor head/ gas mask/ vehicle attachment background/ big monster
gun overlay sprites: aug, llc bullpub rifle, vector, mp5, g3, mgl, barrett, ar15, ak74

added: some ammo sprites/ some mag sprites/ ammo link/ shrapnel/ milspec vehicle panel/ some Blazemod’s vehicle parts/ vault zombies

captured: mxpmodded- animatronics monster, PKmod monster, some ++mod tiles, shields
egomassive(in this topic)- wooden wall, camelbag, wire fence, lasagna


This looks amazing!


Totaly awesome !!


I wonder if there’ll be support for the Mutation Changes mod


So i installed File into gfx folder but when i go into graphics it isn’t showing up in the options.

Disregard I figured it out.


It doesn’t have mod’s new mutation tiles such as turtle.

This tileset is based on unstable 6180. It’ll not work in 0.c stable.


I made hairwigs mod for my tileset. there is 2 kinds of hairstyles and 5 colors = 10pcs of wigs. If you have enough tailor skill, you can craft wigs. Or you can kill npc and rob their scalp.
Place ‘xotto_hairmod’ folder into \data\mods\


Incredible sprites, fantastic work. I use them on the android version and it looks great!


I am squeamish and can’t stand those throbbing letters, but now thanks to you I can finally enjoy PK’s mod!


some correction for misplaced tiles.


Environmental filter version. (experimental)
I adjusted gun stock position upward also.



This is an amazing tileset. Great job.

The only issue I have with it is that many of the zeds all have the same appearance. Specifically, Feral Runners, Acidic Zombies, and Normal ones all look the same, or very much alike. This is a problem because I tend to fight them without looking to see what they are first. Feral Runners are very fast compared to normal zombies, and Acidic Zombies vomit up a puddle of acid at my characters’ feet without my realizing it until they’ve stood in it for five turns. It also serves to be a problem since when I use ChestHole I always decide whether to pulp or butcher zeds based on what they looked like when they were “alive” instead of stopping to examine the corpse first. Acidic, Spitter, and Corrosive Zombies looked rather distinctive in ChestHole so I never really needed to check their names to decide whether or not to smash. Since acidic zombies look the same as normal ones I often end up smashing them by mistake. Smashing acid zombies is not a good idea. I know this is my fault, and I should pay more attention to the names, but if someone could create a unique sprite for the Acidic Zombie I would be very grateful.

This is a completely superficial detail, but the Tailor’s Kits and Sewing Kit have the same sprite.

Again, thank you for all your work.


Wow,this is amazing!!! The detail is all there and I am liking the different sizes on tiles. I also want to thank you for taking the time to create a tileset for the introductions to my mod; boy was I surprised when I spotted a Bio-Weapon and it had a tile inspead of B.


changes: m4a1, tailor’s kit, bee balm, powder candy, some monsters



Still the best tileset. Korean power!


To be one of default tileset in cdda experimental, there are any requirements or rules?


As far as I know, since this would not be a change to gameplay just graphics, it’s just to have the syntax consistent in files. Make a PR and apply feedback given and it should be fine.


First Id like to say thank you so much for making this tileset it has made the game alot more enjoyable for myself over all. There is something that I would like to changed in the tileset. It is that npcs have the same base character tile as the player. It makes it feel like you are twins and the same as other npcs and if you have alot of followers its a little confusing. Making a separate tile for living npcs would be what id like.

Edit: I Have edited this tileset so npc’s are different from the players tile what it looks like is down below


so is this the tileset that comes with the launcher under MShock32TilesetModded? Or is this a different one? I downloaded it from I believe the latest link and got a zip with MshockXotto+ and then a small and opaque tree and then a cosmetic folder. If it is different then do I make a new folder to stick all those into and the game will recognize it when launched?