Zombies can FLY?!?

well, when i am hitting them off the railing sending them reeling they dont fall they just hover there and they walk back up to me


Up on the second floor of somewhere? I’m pretty sure it’s because the z-levels are experimental still. So the sky isn’t really interacting with the levels below it yet and stuff just kind of inappropriately stands on it. I’m making assumptions regarding your situation though, please correct me if I am mistaken!

Currently empty-space is more or less a “trap” feature that makes folks fall. But with enough dex, you can avoid the trap.

So yeah. Z-levels be a non-finished thing, which is why that’s a mod and not mainline. (We’d love to pay out those bounties, though, so if people can fix those issues, please do!)

I was messing with Z levels and spawned a vehicle on top of a tower.

I drove it as high speed of the edge and it just stoped in mid air kind of funny :slight_smile:

But yeah getting real z levels would be great but I hear its a huge under takeing :frowning: