Flying creatures?

I’ve been doing some random playtest, and I just notice that creatures with “FLIES” flag actually goes up above a z-level. But I also noticed that they go even higher, and never go down.

Do they behave like this? cuz I’ve made a flying zed, then it flew up into the sky. And there it goes, never been seen again. Nothing special about it anyway… But imagine if it swoops down from above and pops right at you!

I bet that only happens if you have Z-levels on, since i have never seen crows disappearing never to be seen again.
But does it happens too if it has locked on to you?. wait, doesnt the vampire bats from your mod have that flag too?

Imagine flying cows - or horses. When on the ranch, no longer do you just have to look down to watch your step… :flushed::poop:

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Yeah, they do. The z-levels are on (by default), and I turned on 3D FOV.
The 3D FOV has made the zed to gain LOS from above, but sadly it cannot go down… It can shoot projectiles, tho :+1: