Z-level issue

I have all the Z level stuff active. Was in a basement sleeping when a companion got up and speared a zombie on the lever above.

Z-levels are only half (quarter) implemented. They exist but dont integrate well with anything. This leads to weird shit happening, like mi-gos being heard underground through 4 floors of concrete. (at least the last experimental i played)

I think you may have 3d vision on as well.

Yeah if you turn off experimental 3d vision, but leave z-levels on, that will stop happening. It’s an unfinished feature, so that seems to happen. I once tried it and had an NPC just shoot all his arrows at the ground trying to hit something in the subway(i guess) below. It confused me a first. I could draw him away give him his arrows back and would forget about the spot, but every damn time we went by there he would just unload lol, I eventually turned it off, but leave z-levels on. Sometimes you will be crafting and it will say something it spotted or approaching, but it’s actually not… it’s just on the upper or lower level.

This is awesome, and made me immediately picture one of these guys stabbing their spear up through the floor. I’m trying to figure out how that would be implemented on purpose - maybe with a soft or porous enough material between levels ad a reach weapon. It’d make for some nasty ambushes.

I forgot about that, happened the last time I used it too if I remember correctly.