Your stomach feels so empty

Why my character’s stomach is still empty?
My char was engorge for more than 4 times in the last 4 hours.
What is going on?

I am playing the newest experimental build.

Same here. My character had like 20 000 calories in 6 hours.

This message shows when you have less than 80% of your healthy calories.

No. It shows constantly even if my character eats 10+ full meals per day. This is just crazy. Starving to death is less annoying.

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Turn on debug mode and post a picture of how many calories you have please.
I’ve looked at the code - that is what triggers this.

How to show calories? I am at debug menu.

You need to bind a key for it.

i don’t get this. the debug menu doesn’t have an option to show calories.

debug key + p + p + 1 + n

Hunger: -21
Stored cal: 42482
I get the “your stomach feels so empty” every hour.

You’re 13,000 kcal under your healthy calories.

Thanks. I guess my character just have to eat much much more in the experimental build. The “engorged” status means nothing.

Nothing means nothing. Engorged is the current state of how full your stomach is. It has nothing to do with how many calories are in your body.

If you’re interested in more details about the stomach contents system, I’d encourage you to search the forum, there’s a lot of information about it hanging around.

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Is it realistic for a person to feel engorged and hungry constantly? My character was eating cooked meat instead of dirt or other non-food.

There is something wrong with the volume of the stomach or the volume of the food.

No, there isn’t.

Your character needs to eat more often because they have a calorie deficit - i.e they are starving.

The experimental version did not actually change very much the amount of calories required, what it did do however was change how your calories are burned depending on activity type and storage in the stomach etc.

The experimental version does not mean you have to eat much much more, it means if you have a calorie deficit for a long period of time, then you will have to eat a lot very regularly to bulk back up to normal weight.

Your character burns calories by doing activities and work, some burn more calories than others.

Your character eats something, their stomach gets full, this gets digested over a period of time, then they are hungry again because they still have a long-term calorie deficit, the only solution is to make your character eat often.

When they go back to a healthy calorie level, they wont be hungry as much.


So eat more often instead of power loading one or two times a day, is what im getting?

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more than more often is how much calories you eat, you could get to engorged status from eating something “big” in volume, but that gives you few calories, or you could eat a lot of “small” things that gives you a lot of calories, the ahrd part is balancing it, you could eat a lot of crackilngs and the next day have a low health value

Yeah Kobold. I’ve had excellent results early game with a thermos full of broth that I just drink whenever I feel peckish.

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It’s pretty similar to calorie density diets, where it is preferable to eat, say, an orange over a candy bar. Equal calories, different mass.

I showed back up after the uproar over the new system had mostly passed, so I’m not sure if the stomach fullness is actually based on food volume, or if it is still tied to calories.

Stomach fullness is directly based on volume, but once it’s digested it goes to nutrition level which is calorie based.
I.e. short term fullness is volume and long term fullness is calories.