"Your stomach feels so empty.."

So… all of a sudden my character gets this message nonstop. “Your stomach feels so empty…”

And I can’t for the life of me seem to fix it. I’ve tried the obvious, eating a bunch. Eating regularly, eating often over the course of some days… it doesn’t seem to have any effect. So I thought maybe I had parasites…? Ran a blood filter, took an antiparasitic drug, but nope. Still getting the message very frequently. Even on previous characters who I had famished for quite a while I wasn’t seeing this message.

I’m at a loss! Figure I may be missing something incredibly obvious but I thought I’d put a line out for help. (I’m in Build #9339 if it helps.) Thanks!

This message shows if you are at less than 80% of your healthy calories.
You need to eat significantly more calories probably.

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To add to what anothersimulacrum said, just try to eat lard for the entire day.

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I love this answer so much. LARD IT IS.

Thanks guys!