Going from "Engorged" to "Peckish" in 2 hours is stupid [Warning: Bitter sarcasm]

Requiring upwards of twenty thousand calories to go from “Peckish” back to “Engorged” is even more stupid.

Getting hungrier while in the process of eating a mountain of food is by far the more mostest stupiderest.

Fifty cracklins? Pfff. 6 chunks of smoked meat? Get outta here. A full can of chicken? Forget about it. Three chunks of fat? Not a chance.

And this problem has apparently persisted after over a thousand updates. I am impressed.

This is unplayable.


Well are you unwilling or unable to provide your feedback in a constructive way? In both cases kinda sad.

Be aware that the experimental version indeed contains features which might be in the process of balancing or require further additions to work fully. If you feel unable to deal with that feel free to use the stable version instead.

If you have trouble understanding the hunger meter you can find a helpful chart here : https://www.reddit.com/r/cataclysmdda/comments/bwa52g/this_is_how_the_food_meter_works_thanks_to_qrox/

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I feel cheated by the title as I don’t think this is even sarcasm - or is this Poe’s law in action?


I also noticed Grazer doesn’t go over “Hungry” status. Debug shown me a 0 in hunger, but I still was marked as Hungry.

Not sure if it is a bug or fixed, as I’m using an earlier version of experimentals.


Literally the only thing peckish denotes is that the your stomach is empty. It doesn’t mean you have to eat, just that you physically can eat.


Stopping eating before being engorged is for suckers. Obesity epidemic shmobesity epidemic


I don’t think you’re actually getting hungry as fast as you think. As @Trigon mentions, peckish just means that you could eat but not that you need to. Don’t eat until you’re actually hungry and then eat enough to stop being hungry. See how much you end up eating with that strategy.

Since that change it seems like my character actually eats less than in previous versions. If I make deluxe scrambled eggs, eat the whole thing, drink some water, and then wander off with a full canteen I can stay on the move for 12+ hours. It feels more realistic to me now because my character can eat breakfast and then last till evening without compulsively snacking all day. Two good meals a day and plenty of clean water seems to be all you need to survive. (kinda like real life…)


Do you have any solutions or suggestions or are you just whining?

How is this helpful in any way?

@ootdega Honestly it sounds like something about your game is broken. You might want to try setting up a separate installation of the newest nightly build and see if a new character on a fresh world has the same problem. My game was compiled fresh out of the repository this morning and it is not doing any of the things you describe.

Fifty cracklins is twelve and a half liters, so that shouldn’t be able to fit in your character’s stomach in one go, especially not if you’re drinking water as well. I’d follow Jay’s advice, because I can keep my character fed on broth with zero hunger traits or bionics.

And to reiterate, the volume of the food is what removes peckish, not the calories, the calories serve as actual nutrition that will keep you from being famished or starving.

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I (and many others) get you, this new system is pretty confusing for both average and advanced player and doesn’t really let you know how your character actually feels, which is a crucial thing in a game like Cataclysm. You have to go through dozens of posts to understand how this whole thing really works, but what can we do? It’s a work in progress and we can either contribute or sit down and wait, and probably wait for more than we expect since the dude behind this seems to be busier with some magic mod.


Well, not unplayable, but the whole eating all the time thing certainly gets tiring.

This whole situation is getting kind of bizarre. It sounds like different people are getting wildly different results from the same versions of the game.

Some time in the next 12 hours I’m going to try making a video of how the current food system is working for me. Is there anybody having problems with this who also has the time and knowledge to make a similar video?

I’m honestly confused at this point and I want to better understand why the new system is a problem for some players but not others.

I’ll bite. I may regret it, because this has been rebutted MULTIPLE times.
The temperature in New England in the spring months can often dip below freezing, the weather system uses real weather data from that region.
When the electricity is down, and there are no people living in houses, walking around and heating up the ambient temperature, a house will quickly equalize with the outside ambient temperature ( depending on construction materials and insulation - which we dont model yet, but American houses tend not to bother with much insulation )

This means it is entirely feasible and normal for water to freeze in spring, inside houses.

As for the hunger system, I don’t know how many more times we can repeat it, or how people still seem to think it is required that they look at charts and understand how it works in detail.

If it says you are hungry, then eat, if it says you are famished then you really need to eat. if it dosnt say you are hungry or famished,then you dont need to eat, but if your stomach is empty, you still could if you wanted to.
It is unbelievably simple, you will not starve from confusion at the feedback.

There is nothing wrong with these systems apart from minor quibbles on how things are displayed, they are working as intended and will not be “fixed”.


Really? That’s super interesting. God a source on that and the reasons for it? Not questioning you, just very curious.

If it says you are hungry, then eat, if it says you are famished then you really need to eat. if it dosnt say you are hungry or famished,then you dont need to eat, but if your stomach is empty, you still could if you wanted to.

Not sure how many times this needs to be said, tbh…

Google " Do american houses have much insulation" and you will see plenty of sources comparing to European houses and build quality, wall materials etc.

I think perhaps in America the thinking is that most people have AC/heating anyway , and eco-friendly energy saving measures are not a priority, and in some areas, it’s more cost-effective to build cheap and rebuild if need be.

Maybe New England, not being the warmest of states, may have slightly better building practices for insulation, but I doubt it.

I can personally attest to older houses in my area (Twin Cities, Minnesota) having very poor insulation. My friend bought a house built in the 20s where they had insulated the outer walls with crumpled newspaper. I’ve seen other houses with literally no insulation in the walls. I think it’s because most of these houses were relying on the abundance of cheap fossil fuels in the United States when they were built; most of the worst offenders will have old hatches for coal deliveries or valves for oil delivery.

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No Offence guys, but christ… americans annoy me…

faefux: No need to share your blanket prejudices against a class of people, thank you.

In general, there is no amount of insulation that is going to prevent a house from reaching ambient temperature in the absence of a heat source. The only question is how quickly that will happen. I don’t feel like digging out my thermodynamics textbooks and doing the point analysis, but if there’s some engineer or engineering student who is more up to date and wants to do the work, that would be appreciated.

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Heh, sorry. It’s topical. we currently have your president in my country telling us all how the US is the cleanest planet in the world wrt these things and how global warming is in-fact everyone else’s fault today… Anyways, this is all so oft topic, it was something i din’t know and as a builder was very curious. I apologise.