Still something wrong with calorie consumption

I know the bigger bug has been fixed days ago but i still find some difficulties dealing with my stored food in my stomach

I am ALWAYS very hungry, I receive messages that I need more calorie-dense food, my weight is underweight and i risk getting too often the malnourished status

and I eat… a lot

i also try to move less for a few days, doing some small maintenance at my base, talk with npc, study books and… eat

but it’s quite difficult to regain body mass… especially because i’m starting to have some food issues, i can live on cheese for a while but I could use some more diverse diet

Maybe start eating only lard or blocks of fat for a few days and drink nothing more but alcohol, soda’s and juices.

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I could try, considering that is also a bit hard hunting where there is no animals

Find a farm or dairy farm there are bound to plenty of large animals there. And don’t forget that dogs are edible too, don’t run away and are easier to kill.

Storing fat again takes time, maybe use debug menu to get back what you lost to the bug.

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how do I do that?

hopefully i won’t starve myself again even though I eat quite often

Got to ? keybinding menu, bind Debug Menu to a key. Open Debug Menu > player > you > need > stored calories

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Then go to debug menu > g > a to reenable achievements.


So i checked It and i found 25000 or so stored calories. I try raising to 38000 Just to try It out

I become full now, i Guess It simulated a heavy meal

ok basically i went overweight by cheating raising calories to 58000

now in a matter of a few days i spent driving, fighting, looting (walking overburdened maybe consumes more calories) and eating i lowered again to 53000

something is definitely wrong…

The average woman needs to eat about 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight, and 1,500 calories per day to lose one pound of weight per week. Meanwhile, the average man needs 2,500 calories to maintain, and 2,000 to lose one pound of weight per week.

If you ate nothing in that time, it’s normal what you’re experiencing, but if you did try to maintain it and ate enough to fit with realistic averages then I’d agree that something is wrong. If the development of the game is shooting for realism, then plan meals for your dude throughout the day that’ll be… let’s say 3800 calories worth to make up for high activity levels, then report back.

If you’re playing the latest version that fiddled with things like activity levels, food, etc, and you’re still losing too much weight, things will definitely have to be re-adjusted in my opinion.

i will need some time to fulfill a good report on git but i can assure you that whenever i’m at home base or around town looting i try to stay always full or at least satisfied (sometimes engorged with risk of vomiting)

i can cope with the fact that working, fighting and looting is consuming calories but losing 2000 of them in a half a day is worrying…

Burning 2,000 calories in a half day of heavy labor sounds to be on the low end even for caloric burn. It really is that high if your swinging swords and running around and fighting for you life for six hours. The US military claims marching with an 80 pound backpack, IE your average CDDA survivors looting spree, burns 500-700 calories an hour.

After a certain point, you are literally burning calories faster than you can digest them. Losing weight in a combat zone, even being fed thousands of calories, is not unheard of. Normally the worst of this would be offset by long term fatigue limiting the use of the muscles, but we don’t really suffer from that in CDDA.

the only issue is that, even though i ALWAYS eat whenever i feel hungry, i keep being underfed in the long term

This is to be expected unless you are eating incredibly calorie dense foods, and as I said, eventually you hit a point where you cannot digest the calories fast enough even with pure lard or sugar. CDDA’s goal with this system has consistently been realism, and this is part of that, you can’t go 100% full tilt 24/7 and not suffer physically for it.


That does pose the question of balance for mutations since realistically some of those mutations up the amount of calorie’s you need drastically, the large or huge mutations would definitely up your resting metabolism by a lot as well as the amount of calories needed for heavy labour, the same goes for the metabolism mutations.


well that speaks to the power of things like the plant line qhere your speed is reduced , but you’d have a huge reduction in metabolism as well as photosensitive skin.

But wouldn’t these mutations both have built in features to allow you to consume more calories? Like if you are larger than you would also have a larger stomach and if your metabolism is higher you would also be able to digest food quicker thus you could eat more often. So as a hyper-metabolism mutant you have 3 to 4 times the rest metabolic rate of a normal human but you can also eat as if you have a major eating dissorder without throwing up.


It’s why I suggested somewhere in one of these threads that mutation lines like cow, bear, chimera and slime need stomach size increasing mutations. I like your fast digestion idea for faster metabolism characters, but that’d suggest they have stronger stomach acids, linings, and absorption rates. One or two lines can eventually vomit acid as an offence, so there’s some credence to stronger acid at least.

I know there is a cbm to do with your stomach but I can’t remember if it just allows you to eat poisonous things or expands your gut.

If the looting spree hiking activity and increasing calorie burn is to be gone with, then you should expect bird, mouse, and elf lines to not really experience as much weight loss as others due to them not being able to carry as much. Though I do know from past experience that going plant is a one-way ticket to fatville, I’m not so sure after these changes.

leaving mutations apart… I think this situation forces the player to build a mobile base and to stay on foot less

i actually am a bit scared of winter (even though i could die of boredom way before)