Volume of food or stomach seems wrong

I constantly get the “your stomach is so empty” message even though my character is “engorged”.

I think it is not realistic for a person to constantly feel hungry and engorged at the same time. Either the volume of the food (inside the stomach) or the volume of the stomach + other parts of the digestive tract is wrong.

I bet the volume of mashmallow shrinks when it reaches the human stomach.

pine nuts: 0.07L and 202 calories in game.

Human stomach is 4L when it is full. My character should be able to eat more than 57 units of pine nuts before “engorged”.

When my character tries to drink pine needle tea after eating the pine nuts, the game says I am forcing my character to eat. That isn’t right because the water would go through the digestive tract much faster than the pine nuts. By the time that the pine nuts reach the stomach all the water would be out of the system.

This has been covered at great length already, do some reading before you jump to conclusions.