XL via the Tailoring Menu

The tailoring menu, as well as the new time/resource/difficulty of reinforcing clothing and armor–had me thinking that perhaps it’s about time to cut XL items out of recipes and add them along side the ‘line with’ options. XLing an item should significantly increase weight (but probably not encumbrance, since it’s being made to be adjustable) and require PLENTY of the material in question. Essentially obfuscating the idea of a mutated survivor making one finger of a glove longer for a talon, knitting around their horns or adding a leg to those pants for a tail.

Mind you XLing items should have a high difficulty check, as mutated anatomy should still be the hurdle of less accomplished tailors.


how do you ‘XL’ a pair of jeans without making a new pair?
what about gas masks?
what about etc?

no, i dont agree. You have to make new sets of clothing.

XL clothing is more than just bigger sizing. its accomedating your unique anatomy you mutie. :stuck_out_tongue:

each body part, each new limb jutting out at an impercise location, means even that Id argue against 2 XL mutants sharimg fitted clothing

It’s more an argument against the inclusion of more recipes versus making good use of a mechanic currently in game. Not to mention that if something fits it fits; going beyond just if one mutant can wear it all mutants can.