Unnatural armor size during crafting

Now, I can fully understand not being able to modify found hard armor, be you an oversized cattle or a small mouse. What I don’t get is why your personally made armor is always at normal size. At the very least, if i am making paper arm or leg guards, while I am already non-normal sized, wouldn’t it make sense that my character would make armor that fit?

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There are spicific XL versions of many armor’s. Only those fit you the rest are standard human armor.

Edit: i’ve seen those, but none for small size.

Treu, I would expect there to be a XM (extra small) version of those cloths that required less material than the normal version just like the XL version requires more material than the normal one to make. Or we could just make it so that the cloths children wear as XM could at least get motorcycle armor that way.

Isn’t extra small XS? Cause M stands for Medium usually.
…Extra Medium, for the most average of average people!

While we’re at it, adding XS/XM sportwear/sports armor (looking at hockey masks, football armor, fencing equipment and so on) would make sense too I wager, since kids do sports sometimes! cough

i guess is to stop cluttering the recipe UI with more recipes than necessary

You’d still probably want size-distinctive recipies, or the ability to specify the desired size. Even if I’m an XL sized character, I may wish to make armor for my normal human followers, or my smol mutant follower.

That would be a great idea to both add more plus and minus sizes without increasing clutter. Highlighting the item wanted would detail what sizes are possible, then you could specify the size you want with (+) for large and (-) for small since those keys are not used in the crafting window. That would change the displayed components required (and likely the volume and weight).

That sounds like an interesting idea, just have the normal ‘human-sized’ clothing/armors in the crafting menu and have a sub-menu of sorts where you can change the size to whatever you want. It definitely would declutter the crafting menu.
Issue is, this would also require a change/rewrite of the crafting menu, which probably isn’t high on their priority list right now.

IF they ever do this though, the submenu could be used for other stuff too.
For example, if you want to build a pipe-shotgun or something like that, in the submenu you could directly set it to ‘normal length’ or ‘sawn off’ length.
Similarly, You might be able to throw similar basic weapons in a group, for example “Spears” - in the submenu you could then switch between ‘wooden’, ‘copper’, ‘pipe’, ‘steel’ or something like that, changing the resources you need for the spear.
This probably shouldn’t be done for more specific items though, like a Machete or a Kris, since you couldn’t really put them into a good ‘group’ without the player having to guess where the stuff landed.

If clothing size affects the materials needed, this will also affect whether the item is currently craftable or not, which is visualized in the main list.

Maybe it would be better to treat the size as a property you can filter on, rather than a separate menu level?