An idea for a clothes fitness rework

My goal was to increase the flexibility of the fitness system, especially in regards to mutations. It seems weird to me that a normal human, a freakishly huge mutant, and a mutant with butterfly wings can all fit perfectly inside the same XL Survivor Suit.

How the fitness system would work:
Each type of apparel would have a max_fitness number (100 for all current non-oversized clothes). Each individual piece of clothing in a game would have a fitness_level. Clothes found in the world would generate with a fitness_level between 0 and the max_fitness of that item. All custom made clothing would have a fitness_level equal to its max_fitness. Types of clothing would have modifiers to their fitness_level based on a character’s traits or mutations. A simple example would be gendered clothing having reduced fitness_level if your character is the wrong gender.

Each body part would have a fitness_requirement property (let’s say 75 for a normal human). A piece of apparel’s fitness would be determined by comparing the apparel’s fitness_level to your body’s fitness_requirement. If fitness_requirement - fitness_level is <= 0 (clothing with 75-100 fitness_level for a normal human) it fits perfectly, If it’s between 1 and 50 (25-74 fitness_level for a normal human) it fits normally, between 51 and 75 (0-25 fitness_level) it fits poorly and would add encumbrance, any higher and it would be unwearable.

How mutations would work:
Deforming mutations would increase the fitness_requirements of the effected body parts, with especially deforming mutations making normal clothes unusable. One-size-fits-all clothing such as wraps and holsters would have a max fitness high enough to fit over even the most deformed body parts. However, I would not include clothing specifically made for mutants, such as tentacle sleeves and XL clothing, in the one-size-fits-all category.

I would also divide deforming mutations into two main categories: oversized (huge, hooves, muzzles), and extra-limbs(wings, tails, horns).

I have two different ideas for how to manage oversized mutations. The first is to modify how XL clothing works. XL clothing would have a max_fitness of 0, making them simply to large for a normal human to wear, but they would give fitness_level bonuses if your character has an oversized mutation. The second idea is to add an “Enlarge” modification for apparel. This would cost extra material and increase encumbrance, but add a fitness_level bonus for oversized mutations.

For extra-limbs mutations I would add a “cut holes” modification for apparel. This would reduce coverage, and possible warmth, of a piece of clothing. In exchange, it would add the ALLOWS_NATURAL_ATTACKS flag and increase the fitness for extra-limbs mutations.

I think you want “fitting” or “size” not “fitness.”

It sounds neat since i like to play mutants. And the fact that, i mean there exist XL clothing in the game why do someone can’t make it’s fav clothing bigger if it has size increasing mutations? But of course, that in order to change the size of your clothing you should have good tailoring skills right?

Maybe you could have a body type generated depending on your characteristics, and the clothes would fit based on that.

Low Strength, Low Dexterity = Fat body
High Strength, Low Dex = Bulky body
Low Strength, High Dex = Thin body
Med Strength, High Dex = Toned, lean body

You get the idea.