Wrecked by a turret

I just had my veteran survivor get killed by a turret. It wasn’t named milspec turret and looked exactly like all the turrets I’ve been tanking for the past year. Tanking, meaning I could literally stand next to it and get pelted taking no damage (not even equipment damage).

Then suddenly that one turret that spawned when I detonated the doors to science lab bursts me and gets 3 headshots in a row, each doing ~50 damage.

Is this just incredibly bad luck or was there some MAJOR change about how turrets or armors work? Could the new targeting code do that?

EDIT: Oops apparently it’s just my oversight. Still, getting 3 headshots in a row from a distant turret isn’t exactly common.

I would say bad luck and hubris. Unless you were in solid power armor, tanking a turret is not a good idea. Sorry, Coolthulhu; the only changes have been to their ability to select targets, not their accuracy.

And the only changes to armor are to improve coverage, mostly evidentl if you have 100% coverage, and to PREVENT crits from counting toward penetrating armor.