Exploding military bunkers

Not wanting to face the turrets without cover I tried to drill through a military bunker wall. The first tile went without incident but when I tried to drill through the second it appears something exploded and killed me. Do bunkers have a self-destruct that gets triggered if you try to break in? From the combat log it looks like I was shot but that seems unlikely because I was covered in reinforced survivor gear.

Maybe the rubble from the bunker collapsing destroyed the turrets and then they exploded in your face.

From the log it looks like you drilled in within sight of some military turrets and/or tankbots. Neither of those has any problem shooting through survivor armor.

wait a tankbot inside bunker? good that i allways use id card (only to enter downstairs i just resonate reinforced glass)

I’m betting two milspec turrets, which are M4s firing 5.56 NATO and pretty capable of hurting you through armor. (I designed them to counter folks who would wear survivor armor and complain that they could safely ignore 9mm turrets.)

Their beep-beep is comparatively quiet and the far one shot through the other (aiming at you), but repeatedly hit and eventually destroyed the near turret. Cue explosion, and apparently structural damage.

(There currently aren’t any tankbots in the bunker, but I’ve considered parking some in the structure, activate if disturbed or someone tries to break in.)

Does armor reduce damage taken if penetrated? When I shoot a zombie with an M4 (.223 Remington or 5.56 NATO) it doesn’t do anywhere near that much damage and they don’t have any proper armor on.

I believe it does. Conversely, turrets use burst-fire if they have it. M4 burst is 10 shots. If you were to burst a zed at point blank with an M4 and 8 skill (with stats around 12, IIRC), you’d probably do a fair amount of damage, too.