Vehicle turrets suddenly can't hit the broad side of a barn?

I’ve got the latest experimental build installed (2021-08-18-0858), and have been updating regularly for the last week or so, and I noticed sometime over the weekend I think that the M2 Browning .50 cal and the M249 .556 turrets that I have mounted on my current Deathmobile suddenly are missing targets like nine times out of ten. Last night I built a turret control unit to see if automatic targeting would do any better (usually I just do manual aiming), and it didn’t make any difference at all. As a test earlier today, I teleported to a military helipad that I hadn’t cleared yet, and walked into range of the static M249 turrets to see if the targeting issue was affecting all turrets, and discovered that it was not–at maximum range, a single turret murdered me in two turns. So have vehicle turrets been radically nerfed in terms of accuracy, or is this a bug?

There were no intentional changes to vehdcle turret accuracy.

Thanks! I hope that can be fixed soonish, as my Deathmobile is pretty useless for its intended purpose right now.

Also, I should probably have mentioned, I’ve been noticing this in a Magiclysm playthrough, so it might be some Magiclysm-related weirdness? UPDATE: Nope, just checked with a regular CDDA world, and the same issue exists in that one as well.

Just a guess here but I suspect that the pseudo-NPC firing the turret now has a high theoretical skill in guns and marksmen but 0 practical skill.

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That’s an interesting thought. I dunno how vehicle turrets function in terms of the game code. My understanding always has been that turret accuracy doesn’t have anything to do with PC marksmanship or rifle skill, and I suppose I never considered how the game actually handles turret accuracy. If each mounted turret is effectively a pseudo-NPC, as you put it, with elevated skills, then yeah, that seems like the recent split to theoretical vs. practical skills could very well mess that up.

Nobody else seems to have noticed or been bothered by this that I’ve seen, so I posted it as an issue on the GitHub. So hopefully it will get addressed soon. I miss my Deathmobile.

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