Wiki updating

Regarding the wiki, is it meant to be updated to the last stable release, or should it (in an ideal world) be updated to match the latest experimental? I wouldn’t mind maybe contributing to it a bit, but I don’t want to make a mistake and add stuff for content that is experimental only when I shouldn’t…

Why not both?
As long as it is properly mentioned which goes for which.
So yeah, have fun with that.

There’s nothing to stop you adding footnotes regarding Version changes and updates at the bottom of a wiki article, it’s pretty standard practice in most wiki’s anyway.

As for updating the wiki itself? It’s pretty out of date… A lot of articles are lacking updated information or lacking a topic page entirely.
If you feel up to writing it, go ahead. All that’s asked is that the information be accurate and not speculative in any way.

Updating the wiki is a really big daunting task that I’ve been wanting to tackle but I haven’t yet.