Volunteers to help with the wiki

Can other people help keep the wiki up to date? How about a call to write more newbie guides? You should name the guides based on how you start. Such as ‘archer’ start. So new players can pick ones they like more.

Is the wiki backed up? If we add a bunch of people we could end up with a troll who destroys stuff or someone just makes a mistake.

I’ve thought about helping out with the wiki, but I’m not sure how spoilery individual pages should be. My thoughts on it are that if you’re looking at a wiki, you’re fine with spoilers but I wasn’t sure how everyone else felt about that. I know there’s been a few times where I decided to look something up and there was almost no info on whatever I was looking for at the time, which drove me crazy. Do you have any specific guidelines since you seem to be running the show?

I could help out with the wiki, too. I’ve contributed to at least two wiki sites, so I know how to use the code without messing up.

they put the really spoiler stuff with black lines over it. So people have to highlight to see.

We could use more precise starter guides.

my concern is that the wiki is backed up. so if someone screws up (or we get a troll) and they destroy it, can we recover.

Well, it’s using wikimedia - that means all history is stored, and I can roll it back to an earlier date. So trolls aren’t a big deal, and we’ve dealt with a few waves of them. There isn’t actually an off-system backup, though, which I should probably do, since right now if it gets hacked or something some real damage could be done.

I wouldn’t mind helping out with the Wiki. Just point me in the right direction!


Well, I feel like the wiki needs some screenshots of the game. I know it won’t be much, but for example, if it’s a page about hospitals, maybe how they look on the map and a view on the inside or something of that sort.

I could contribute a bit here and there, but to be honest I’m new to the game, the forums and to editing in a wiki in general, so I guess I’ll just do a little bit here and there.

Hi, newbie here. I just jumped into it and added Joint Torsion Ratchet to CBM: Power Sources and put a link to it in Bionics.

Two questions:

  1. I’m missing some guidelines for wiki entries with information such as: for which game version (I assumed the current one), what is considered a spoiler and so on. Did I just missed them or are there none (yet)?

  2. At CBM: Power Sources I wasn’t sure what the small identifiers right of the titles mean or where they come from (e.g. bio_batteries at Battery System) so I just left it out. Anybody knows what they are for?

I suck at wikicodez, so my articles r not vry good plz.

There’s no official guidelines. As of now you’ll have to do the research yourself about how mediawiki works or, more easily, check existing pages to see how things are done. Worst case scenario, you screw up somehow. No problem. Rollback or edit by another user and we can act as if nothing happened. Not to mention that you’ll learn something new in the process (ie how not to screw up).

About versions, ideally you’d be updating the wiki with at least the content found in the latest stable build. That said, some people have created content based on older versions (mainly guides, yes, KA101). Outdated information is usually fixed and updated by both regular and occasional wiki contributors. In any case you can always put a warning at the top of the page or section declaring that your info is based on an outdated version of the game.

There’s two easy ways anybody can contribute with: grammar corrections and updating outdated pieces of info. If you, or anyone, spot one of those and has the time and will, changing it is as easy as to click the “Edit” tab at the top of the page and change the contents of the textbox. Then submit the changes.

About spoilers, there’s no official stance. From my perspective, anything that a new player shouldn’t know via the information provided in-game, or just by simple common sense, should be tagged as spoiler. If it’s a whole page, then the pink blurb about spoilers at the top is enough. If it’s just a small bit of text then you might want to use the spoiler tag, which blacks out the problematic content.

2) At [url=http://www.wiki.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?title=CBM:_Power_Sources]CBM: Power Sources[/url] I wasn't sure what the small identifiers right of the titles mean or where they come from (e.g.[b] bio_batteries[/b] at Battery System) so I just left it out. Anybody knows what they are for?

Those are “tags” used in the game code. If it’s there then put it while you update that given section. Most, if not all, of the wiki sections are built by using templates that should automatically translate that gibberish into human once you publish it (or preview it).

Thank you for the quick and thorough reply.

I added the appropriate tag.

Great game, by the way.

Nice. Precisely those ones aren’t translated. My guess it’s done to give you a reference of how the item is referred as in the game code, just in case you want to tinker with it. This way is easier to find.