The Wiki is back

It’s at the same address:

It was slightly updated but it has the same content and the same accounts. If you had an account, it should still work.

There are plans to change the structure or use addons so we can have multiple versions of the same content for the different game versions (stable vs experimental).

Check it out and stay tuned.

Someone took it upon him/herself to update the wiki?
Thanks and good luck.

Excellent, thank you and looking forward to seeing some new features.

Good stuff :smiley: way to go guys.

Well done, wiki team!

I have a edit ___ on wiki thread somewhere, hold on I’ll link to it get it revived for yall…

Add ___ to the Wiki

Somehow I never ended up actually adding anything myself as wiki looks much scarrier on the inside without knowing wtf language its using etc… but definately a good start already for stuff to add if its not already, and to get others to help out.

So what would it take to begin updating some of this stuff?

  1. knowedge of how to write wiki language
  2. taking like 2 minutes out of your day to make wiki profile.
  3. actually doing… accurately.

I think thats it.

The wiki is an open space where everyone can contribute. All you need is an account and you can edit or add pages.

yay. I was right. I thought I was but still. Its good to know I was right about being right, rather than being wrong about being right again.

What was wrong with it?

with what?
The wiki? - The wiki was/is way out of date, especially with experimentals. One of the VERY FEW drawbacks for such a fast paced modding community.

The wiki broked, and was displaying error code and not allowing access. But now it isnt

Yes, I want to know how rremyroy fixed it.

It was transferred to a new host.