Wiki editing volunteers

First off, I dont have edit access on the wiki and dont speak for the team. The developers are busy coding. You can’t expect them to keep it up to date. Anyone want to volunteer to help out? The game complex and new features are constantly added. Better the wiki is the more people we will get to try the game and stick around.

We could really use a few newbie guides on there as well.

Devs: Is this ok? Do we have backups in case we get a troll or someone screws up?

I’ll join you on editing the wiki if the devs so allow it.

I think we do have backups and I’ve already fixed a few small things.

This was addressed in another thread not too long ago, but anyone can sign up and start editing the wiki, and yes, there are ways to rollback changes that trolls might make.

The Wiki Thread

Yes, anyone can edit the wiki if they create an account. And they should, that’s why it’s a wiki!