Where do I find duct tape other than cars and basic repair kits?

Ever since I got tailoring level 6, I wanted to make survivor clothes. But I don’t know where to find duct tape, other than cars and basic repair kits dropped by zombies. It’s so weird because I could find kevlar plates more often than duct tape by cutting up zombie soldier clothes and kevlar vests. Although I already made a survivor trenchcoat (which gives 7 liters of volume) I still want to know where to reliably find duct tape other than cars and basic repair kits.

Usually from houses, hardware stores, megastore, malls and I think home improvements stores. But I understand what you mean as I usually have made my own duct tape before I actually find some. I’d say its more luck based than anything.

It is also craftable - http://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/duct_tape/craft

^ like he sais. Bones + water = glue | Glue + rag=duct tape

Don’t you also need threads.

could be. Its been a good while since I looked.

One of the things that I’ve learned about this game is that while you may not be able to find/make the thing you need you can often make the stuff that makes they thing you need. Or make the stuff that makes the stuff that makes the stuff…

Yeah in my experience I find plenty of duct tape in houses and hardware stores, without going near anything as stupendously deadly as a mall or megastore (I’ve never cleared either one). Must just be the RNG randomly starving you of THE MOST USEFUL THING EVER.

House: I haven’t yet found a house that’s in a secluded area I can clear, as in a little village with 3 houses. I don’t want to get cornered and killed. The closest I found was 3 houses… next to a hospital.
Hardware store: There are no hardware stores in the nearest city and it’s 16 size! It’s a residential area; full of houses!!!
Megastore: No way in hell am I gonna have enough time to look for duct tape before the zombies make the building collapse.
Mall: I could go to the mall. It has so many backdoors I can unlock with lockpick kit that it’s as if I couldn’t get cornered. I’m afraid I’ll get sidetracked and go looking for 00 shot… I’ve found birdshot at a mall, so I’m convinced that 00 shot can spawn in a mall too.

If you have decent combat skills just finding a group of normal Z’s and looting them gives a reasonable chance to find some duct tape.

How many zoms are there is you have to worry about a mega store collapsing? Or are there hulks/brutes nearby?

Grocery stores as well.

Never found any in grocery stores. Or I have found it so few times I haven’t committed it to memory. Oh Well.

Since I play on x5 spawn, and I generally use duct tape almost exclusively for the high-end survivor stuff, by the time I get the skills to make it, I’ve got the duct tape just from the occasional repair kit drop or other lucky find.

That said, in the cases where I have needed it, it’s far easier to make than find - blob glob + water = all the superglue you could ever need, and superglue + rag + any kind of thread/fiber = duct tape. By the time you have the skills for survivor stuff, you have the skills for duct tape.

For some odd reason it spawns heavily in dressers.

Last time I checked you can only craft duct tape after you have found the recipe. So crafting is not a default option.

That is literally where I’m keeping my duct tape right now!

very easy to make superglue from dandelions too, idk if that’s a mod I have though.

Superglue is always easy to make. You can collect ingredients from pine trees in any season. The problem is, you need a recipe to turn superglue into duct tape.

How often are you crafting survivor gear without the necessary recipe book? By the time you get to that level, you’ve almost certainly found the necessary book for duct tape (I think there are several) - I’ve done the “grind to level 7 tailoring” thing, and it SUCKS, and fabrication is nearly as bad.