When will the next stable release be

This game has changed so much over well about a year technically about 11 months yet no stable has been released any idea how much longer it will be

Yea it’s been a long time, at a minimum we need to get the magazine changes finished before cutting off new features.
I can’t give a reasonable estimate for when, but it’s going to be soon.

Magazine Changes as in ammo or books

Guns, we now have a system in place where guns can have ejectable magazines, and we’re in the process of switching all guns over to it as appropriate.
This will change your management of guns in that it will no longer be feasible to run around with a bunch of loose ammo and reload with enemies in sight of you because loading rounds into a magazine will take something like 1 - 6 seconds per round (depending on skill and to some extent on the magazine). Instead you’ll need to have a number of loaded magazines you can swap out as needed, and you’ll probably want to retreat if you start running low on them.


In current experimental not every gun has its own ejectable mag, does that mean work in progress and eventually all guns (xcept for revolvers and hunting/shotgun ones) will have one?

Are you gunna add speed loader tools to load mags and revolvers easyier for exsample if i activate a speed loader on a relvover it reloads all 5-6 shots and if i use one on a mag it reloads more per 1-5 seconds

Just get the daily build. They are almost always stable enough. I rarely notice any issues.

Agreed get dev build u would be stupid not to tbh.
So many new toys,fixes etc to play with.

Very rarely any game breaking bugs due to such high standerds of thre PR`s.

If there is a bug its fixed within 12hrs if not sooner.

Amazeing comunity :slight_smile:

I have been occasionaly lurking this forums for a new release before going for another run of this fantastic game but… 0.C is close to celebrate its 1st birthday so I was wondering…

…Is the “stable release” aproach something from the past? Shall I go for experimentals on further runs (I like to revisit good “live” games like this once or twice per year)?

Theres currently a lot of stuff being added to the game that would make it ackward to just cut off half-finished to drop a stable.

Try the experimentals. There’s so much added and tweaked that its not quite the same game. It still plays the same, oc, but there’s now magazines for guns, hordes are reworked (and still being reworked), tailoring has seen reworking, Zombies evolve and turn into new zombies, and several ‘exploits’ have been taken out. Stamina has been added, and must be balanced, but now you can actually run faster than most zombies.

And zombie children can be boomers, hunters, etc.

pedit: Also, NPCs arent quite as dumb. But dont expect them to be shining examples of logic or to not try to rob/kill you.

Yeah, no reason not to try the experimentals. 99% of the time they’re just as stable as the stable.

BTW, has that ‘activating items makes them vanish’ bug been fixed?

There were a bunch of Pull Requests about it so, I hope so.

Im watching extra hard because I want this Vet Clinic in

I’d been concerned about picking up one of the experimental releases (Mostly because I’m waiting for tilesets, etc to update, but also because I don’t wanna rely too much on certain gameplay elements that may later be removed or changed prior to stable release), but maybe I should pick up an experimental and dive back into the game!

We very rarely (never so far I think) add features and then remove them before a stable release, if we’re convinc3d it’s a good enough idea to merge in 5he first place, it’s pretty much going to stick around.

I'd been concerned about picking up one of the experimental releases (Mostly because I'm waiting for tilesets, etc to update, but also because I don't wanna rely too much on certain gameplay elements that may later be removed or changed prior to stable release), but maybe I should pick up an experimental and dive back into the game!

That’s usually the worst consequence of Dev Builds (The other are showstopper bugs, ofc)… That gameplay is altered by features that haven’t been balanced which either:

  • a) Kill difficulty of the game

  • b) Go unnoticed because they aren’t integrated properly with other features (Which is an even greater loss… Because all those hours of hard work by a collaborator may go completely unnoticed for players, like me, out of the dev cycle)

But I think I will go for the exp build this time, trying to play with all that’s posted into the Experimental Feature thread to not miss any interesting change, thanks for the replies.

Fair points! Just installed one of the more recent tile-based Cata versions, and I’m just trying to get things set up now.

One thing I will say that has made me a little sad is that Retrodays20 no longer has a sprite sheet of its own. On one hand this is neat, it’s actually taking the Retrodays10 sheet and scaling it up in the game itself, and that’s super cool! On the other hand, I sorta used to modify the 20x20 sprite sheet to include my custom 20x20 MothChaz sprite (As seen down in my sig), and now I can’t do that anymore.

Which now leads me to wonder what tileset I should start using as an alternative! ChestHole seems like the obvious choice, but with the way it uses a dynamic sprite rather than a static one, that might make it more difficult for me to get a custom moth sprite working for it D:

How do you like this, MothChaz:

Here is a copy of the tileset with it in it. It only works for experimental though, now that I think on it! (Because 0.C didn’t have random tiles, manual tile rotation, or arrays of tile ids.)

Oh, that is ChestHole32, are you more of a 24 man?

Ohhhh my gosh, thank you Chezzo! I’m definitely gonna get this resource pack installed and give it a proper look. And hey, no worries, 32 is perfectly fine by me - should be excellent for any future videos I do, actually!

Again, thank you so much :smiley:

They should change the front page and call the experimental version a daily build so people know there are constantly adding features. The experimental version generally fine to use. I think the front page is a little confusing.

Call .C a formal release and experimental daily build.

With in 2 months after any stable build there are alot of new features. If a couple of annoying people complain loudly about a bug in the experimental just ignore them.

one time devs fixed bug before i reported it (it was fixed few minutes before i reported it), they fix things so fast