Is it a good time to hop in unstable versions?

Hi im from back then when 0.D was unstable, now i returned and im playing the stable version but i want to know if the current experimentals are broken/unplayable/tedious or if they are fine and just have extra features.

I know experimentals are for testing but i want to try them and have fun with it.

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There are bugs, but they are kinda stable now.

I play with experimental all the time (updating daily, usually).

There are days when experimental is broken. It’s experimental, sometimes stuff breaks. Keep backups of your saves.

It’s rarely unplayable. Tedium is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t think any of the changes since 0.D have noticeably increased tedium, though sometimes you have to adjust your playstyle some.

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Ok!, im going to download the latest right now and see.

This is a question whose answer changes often. Sometimes hourly.


I update every a couple of weeks, so I can play with new content and avoid new bug.

I use the launcher and update before each session if there is a new build ready. Haven’t encountered any massive bugs in doing so but, I’m completely new so I’m not skilled enough to last long enough to see much yet.


Keep regular backups, and use [ESC] -> [9] Quick Save from time to time while playing

It’s been smooth as silk for the last day or two, but before then I was getting crashes from impossible building generation or something.

You are right, i noticed many many many things that just made me close the game after a while:

  • The hunger system is a chaotic mess i can eat all day and i wont be full
  • Huge performance issues even with basic tilesets
  • Crashes when using MSX Deadpeople tileset
  • Cata++ and PK’s Rebalance dont work with the current builds
  • What is wrong with this crouch mode thing? i almost died two times because of this
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The hunger messages are misleading, I tend to ignore them as long as I’m not starving and just try to eat a balanced diet if possible. Junk food is waaay less useful than it once was.

I can’t speak to the performance issues, it’s highly dependent on what’s going on in your world, pc specs, the will of almighty Zues and radioactive decay of unstable isotopes in a vacuum.

I haven’t had any crashes on 9628. There was a recent stint of builds, like 10 or so, where things were pretty unstable, but I seem to have spent that time fixing mods n missed it. Yay me!

What kind of errors are you getting for PK’s and Cata++? I’m running Cata++ alone now, but I was running PK’s around 9610 or so and both gave me no issues.
Crouch mode is just another thing you’ll have to get used to. I have the toggle movement mode key bound to keypad 0 and it comes in handy, but if you forget you’re crouching, F. Fortunately deadpeoples has an indicator that shows if you’re crouching/running. Crouch mode can come in handy for sneaking by things that would ordinarily see you easily, try cheesing it with a desk, very amusing. Anything with 50% coverage (shown when you ‘x’ over it) will make you quite hard to see.

Change is disconcerting, especially if you’re jumping from 0.D stable to experimentals while we are approaching 0.E. I hear the words ‘feature freeze’ in discord often, I think we’ll have another stable version in a month or two if things go well.

P.S. What os are you running on? Android seems to have issues with PK’s, possibly cata++ as well, but I haven’t heard about those.

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The real hunger bar is on the top left of the “@” screen. Underweight: need to eat. Overweight: do not need to eat.

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For me the right question to ask right now is that if you feel the stable version is too easy for you. Experimental version has implemented a lot of changes that ups the difficulty bar quite a lot if you’re used to play a certain way:

The “performance problems” have to do, in my experience, from the step from 6 second turns to 1 second turns. The game now has to process 6 time more events for the same amount of time. It doesn’t matter too much when you’re exploring but when crafting or sleeping the delay is notable (I notice it more on sleeping than crafting, and with z-levels enabled which is now the preferred way to play the game).

The hunger system is confusing and if you relied on your character having the belly full for mood bonus you’re out of luck. As _k1 mentions, forget about the hunger bar and look to your character screen. If it says anything else than “normal”, watch your diet. If your character complains of hunger (“your stomach feels so empty…”), eat more. And drink lots of liquids. The new system is a pain in the ass but is here to stay and is hard-coded (so no disabling via mods) and the only reply you will get is “get used to it”, so… get used to it.

Speaking of pains in the ass, the new battery system sucks if you’re used to rely on UPS devices. There are quite a few bugs involving UPS tools specially, and the batteries in general have too small capacity. The worse thing is that UPS devices now cannot have their own charge (they depend completely on your UPS), which I guess is the cause of most bugs relating UPS tools. It makes a bit easier to use only batteries, as most of them are rechargeable via the vehicle recharger. For me the most infuriating thing is that the vehicle recharger only recharges batteries when outside the tool so you have to remember to unload each tool before dropping the battery into the recharger, instead of dropping the tool inside the recharger (maybe this changed lately, as I haven’t checked in a month).

If you like to melee zombies, the new stamina limits will cripple you, a lot. Specially if you’re used to wear some kind of mouth-encumbering-wear by default (like a mask to avoid catching the flu). It will force you to rely more on ranged weapons and kiting strategies. Personally, I am on the fence with this update: I feel the changes were needed but I feel the mouth encumbrance is too crippling and I absolutely find stupid the fact that bashing/butchering drains so much stamina (compared to other crafts like everything else, and no, the solution is not make everything else so draining).

Used CBM installation has complicated a bit: you have to clean them (with new tools, namely the sponge, or the dishwasher), then fix them (resetting the CBM), then put them in special pouches (that you cannot craft, but can find in good quantities on labs), then sterilizing them (with the autoclave). It is a bit overcomplicated, but is one of the best changes in my opinion, as before that was too easy and in any case a lab run (for the autodoc) will net you most the resources you need. Mostly prevents you autoinstalling the CBM after dissecting the beast. Anesthesia has changed too, and now it comes in 3L packages and consumes a varying amount, depending on how long it will take to install the CBM.

So, if anything of above is a showstopper for you, keep using stable. But, on the other hand…

  • The ability to make vehicles float in water, while a bit buggy, is very nifty, and lots of fun.
  • There are a lot of new buildings (and tiles, specially industrial ones) that make the exploring experience much, much more interesting.
  • Making “house vehicles” now is really a viable thing, and really useful.
  • Characters don’t begin at freezing temperatures at the start of the game, which means your survival chances don’t rely so much in lucking out finding good clothes and something to heat the food.
  • Z-levels is now really viable. Almost all buildings are Z-level enabled and you’re able to climb up (with ladders)
  • There has been a notable advance in complex quests, if Hub01 is a good example of things to come.
  • The camp system is a bit more fleshed out (although is still very buggy), and now the NPCs can help you with tasks like disassembling a vehicle without needing a camp (and in general, they are more useful to have around).
  • There is more of everything, more items, more tools, more food types, more recipes, more monsters (new bosses and scenarios too)…

As much as I complain, I am using the latest version, and enjoying it, so not that bad.

I am new to experimental builds and I gotta say that it was a bit bumpy getting used to everything but once that hurdle was crossed it was like a better game.

While yes, the performance could use a bit of tinkering, I’ve found that the 6 to 1 conversion of time units was an improvement. Although, maybe having it set to 3 seconds per time unit may be a tad better in my opinion.

My experience is that the experimental versions are normally pretty damn stable - although often you can get issues if you always update mid-save without checking the changelogs. And if you do happen to download a particularly unstable build, the worst of it is normally fixed within a few days. Honestly the rate at which updates get put out is absolutely astonishing to me.

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