What is the latest stable experimental build?

I haven’t played in awhile and the latest stable build i have is 0.C-4110 I was wondering if i should just go back to that or get the latest?

The game is still 0.C. The latest experimental is 0.C-4787. A gun magazine system was added a while back. The developers are currently adding an expanded nutrition system; I haven’t played it, so I don’t know how stable it is.

Go for the latest. If you’re going to make a new character anyway, always go for the latest. The experimentals have always been very stable in my experience, and I’ve only found one build that was really broken, which was rapidly fixed. It wasn’t even unplayable, just about every liquid in the game spawned on the ground as a puddle instead of in a container. It made trying to keep hydrated tricky indeed.

I’d avoid updating versions then resuming a world, but that’s me… Speaking of which, on of my friends finally updated to 0.C or an experimental, from 0.A (what, two years of updates or something?). He seemed confused when everything was broken. I laughed, he cried about fishing json errors, it was great, he started a new world.


Also, the latest experimental is always available off the main page at http://en.cataclysmdda.com/
It’s off to the right, under the stable releases.

Hey guys. I have been away from having the time to play recently, but I will be on vacation soon, unfortunately until then I still don’t have time to play.

Whats the most Stable experimental recently. I’d like to update before I have no internet (such as on the plane)

Difficult question to answer.