What's your favorite weapon loadout?

For playing as 4/4/4/4:
The ultimate weapon loadout is definitely a Saiga and nothing else. Low str makes melee ineffective (low damage + low health), while low dex and per make all guns useless, except shotguns. As such, your main tactic is avoiding absolutely everything and going ham with shotgun spray in dire situations (which you shouldn’t put your character into in the first place).
Because the shotgun with ammo weighs a lot with 4 str, backup weapons are a very questionable choice (unless you lug a cart around). I would recommend a holstered rm228 in that case.
In early game your best bet is weapons with quickstrike (cudgel, quarterstaff, katana, etc) and shrub/cart abuse.

but broadsword is better

Slingshot cannon and it’s surprisingly cheap to produce canisters, quickly welded to a fold out frame. Prop and pop artillery for the mutant on the go.

I’m on my longest-lasting character so far.
(Five days and counting! :D)
He’s got a crazy pimped-out TEC-9 with a bayonet, suppressor, rail-mounted laser, pistol sight, short barrel, rapid blowback, recoil stock, and a double magazine (with spare mag.)
It’s absolutely silly that anyone would ever consider attaching a bayonet onto a machine pistol, but I still love it.

My favorite weapon loadout is a drum of gasoline, books I’ve already read, and 2 flareguns (w/holsters), why dirty my hands with actually attacking anything outright when I can light half the city on fire?

Lately, I’ve been playing with the pneumatic bolt driver. I didn’t really like it at first, but it’s grown on me. The main thing I like about it is it raises both rifle and marksmanship and you can re-use most of the bolts (some just disappear into the ether). You have to treat it like a revolver (with regard to reloads), so it’s also a good idea to have a backup weapon (RM228 short shotgun for emergencies).

My other recent acquisition is a Nodachi, which I have to say is really amazing. It’s a very powerful melee weapon with some knockback ability to boot!

I’m using combat knife when playing helicopter crash scenario.It’s really overpowered.

The nodachi is indeed a monster… but it’s so so SO slow. I dare not use it against a crowd, and it’s too big to carry as a secondary.

My current loadout is a RM42 fighting knife with a FN-SCAR-H on a shoulder strap. I find both weapons pretty amazing !

People here sure sometime have a quite complicated setup. I just punch thing to death, and throw cooked meat at random animal when i need to hunt (if they flee) or against electrical hulk. you can even stunlock big game doing this. I want my hand free to grab everything i can after a fight !

the only ranged weapon i used more than 5min was a weird charged rifle that use my energy capacity to load up to 8 charges and then fire an explosive projectile. At last it didn’t require any aiming & the target can’t reflect it (there is so much thing that reflect ranged attack that I will never bother with it). but i actually loose it during a fight (clothes tear up, stuff fall on ground, acid destroy it). but it was fun to be able to do some explosion everywhere by just eating plank and whatever :3

My only problem is the damn turret. I can’t punch it … damn. So i just avoid them.

wear power armor and punch all the turrets.

Been converting a standard M14 into a death-dealing custom long-range battle rifle. :3

i beaten turrets without any armor cloaking cbms work wonders and if you get directional emp you are turret and robot nightmare

I’m quite fond of 9mm just for how common it is. Lots of good submachine guns for it too. Can’t go wrong with standard shotgun ammo either, for when something is too close and just needs to stop existing.

i prefer pistols, smaller, lighter and nice mental image of snapheadshots when fighting with them

So hard to choose though. Rifles tend to hit hard and are my go-to choice for outranging turrets, but pistols are less hassle to carry around.

Shotguns of course are just delicious.

my favorite rifle is mossin nagat and other weapons for sniping but if it come to pistol caliber ammo i use it with handguns not sub machine guns

and yes shotguns are nice and beanbags are good for hunting small game like giant mosquito or giant wasp

I’ll always use an SMG over a pistol. If I’m going to use pistol ammo I may as well have burst fire. So what if it’s an extra 3 or 4 volume units larger.

Meh, I tend to waste too much ammo with bursts, so I tend to favor the pistol-caliber rifles over pistols or SMGs. Again, unless volume is a concern.

CWD-63 with scope on rifle sling - turrets, robots, mi-go…and just because SVD is a love of mine.
M1911 with silencer - for dirty work.
Something .380 or .22 as last chance weapon.
Also MP5 with lots of bullets and shotgun in the car.