What's your favorite weapon loadout?

[quote=“Valpo, post:18, topic:10522”]Well then get your mechanic high enough build a bolt driver and then craft wooden crossbowbolts. crafting those is as easy as it gets.
Any crossbow would work too i think.[/quote]

I checked my weapon storage, and apparently at some point I looted a bolt driver from something. I have no idea where I got it, but since I was already cutting wood for the outpost, I now have a stockpile of about 400 wooden bolts. Time to train marksmanship!

Diamond broadsword and A7 laser rifle. Who needs fancy bullets?

I just realized I was involved in putting both of those in the game.

I play a bit different cata evidently, I go for the survivor/stalker (artefact hunter) just trying to make it in the world. Not really a fighter build, more of a stealth/scavenger. I also use wander spawns.

Modded Nail-Rilfe (wish there was a better type of ammo for it than nails, but they’re cheap and everywhere! just add fire to buildings)
Quarterstaff. I play low str characters with high int. I consider the cudgel-tree the low str variant of wooden spears, no chance to get caught in the body. Also in the C3666(I think?) experimental I’m playing, spears no longer have rapid strike but the cudgel does. RP wise, it’s my character’s walking stick and testing stick. Also no worries from shockers! Only wood here.
Hunting knife: butchering corpses, extreme backup weapon.
Maybe a molotov or two as an emergency

Do it while hearing music from your trusty car. I am amazed how often i start training things excessively without boosting my moral at least with music.

My longest lasting survivor carried…

-Diamond Katana in a scabbard, using the Niten Ichi-Ryu style
-A7 Laser Rifle modded up the wazoo, with an underslung rivtech shotgun on it, along with the UPS bionic
-Rivtech automagnum in a holster
-Loaded Gunknife in my boot (seems a little bit suicidal if you think about it)
-Along with 87 bionics and about 25k power.

I stopped playing that file because it became way too boring being death incarnate

I don’t use a car on this character at all (motorcycle only, woo), but I might put a stereo on that instead. Or just use an mp3 player out of my piles of electronics.

Mmmmmm… trees…

In Soviet Russia, tree fondles you!

Also, I forget whether chopping down a tree can damage enemies. I’ve found you can, with some luck, get it to land on you and it deals no damage.

Reporting back on the bolt driver. I ran out of ammo.

After killing 140 zombies in a single engagement with ~60 bolts. Very nice recommendation. 10/10

Bare hands and a few molotov cocktails for the rough spots.

Melee weapon:fists.
Ranged weapons:pneumatic bolt driver and random handgun in ankle holster.

Yesss. Punch all the things.

Thats creepy as fuck.

I once smashed a piece of road by felling a treeover it. Got quite a few stones out of it… uh profit?


And yeah, falling trees smash stuff they land on, but yet to see if it works on monsters.

I use relfex recurved bow with heavy wooden arrows (when i live outside city) or metal arrows (when i live in city) alslo i carry a lot of blades, 2 sheaths with combat knives or other knife i carry 2 more in boots and butchering knife in utility belt alslo i wear 2 holsters with pistols moslty one what pack alot of damage per bullet and second what have alot of ammo (if i have insane amout of bionics its mostly accurized laser pistol) sometimes i carry some kind of rifle like mossin nagat or shotgun but i rarely use them (short shotgun sometimes as hard hitting pistol) and two handed shotguns quickly become obsolete for me after i have alot of knives (throwing)

Ah yes, shotguns are always useful. I need to toy around with the KSG I added more.

Raising marksmanship requires an accurate weapon. The higher you need it, you need a more accurate weapon. Make sure to gunsmith whatever you are using, to grant it more accuracy.

I don’t have any standards other than I eventually get the pneumatic bolt driver in order to raise rifle and marksmanship cheaply.

This way I’ll have a few thousand rounds of ammo and some guns to go wild with when I get to other areas.

I do love the railgun though. Whatever the first one you can craft is. After I crit killed a chicken walker with it in 1 shot I decided it was way too fun.

Katana for fighting zombies

Hunting knife for butchering

Fusion blaster rifle as a ranged weapon

Broadsword for killing everything,
a Hunting knife for butchering,
and a pair of brass knuckles because they’re 0 volume
… and a handful of marbles because nothing is more fun than killing a tank drone with marbles

try kill a tank drone with bare hands, some mutations what are not from mutagens make player immune to fire and lava