What's your raiding loadout?

What do you carry with you when you go out to loot a new location, or fight a horde of zombies, or are just lounging around your base?

1# I usually carry a machine gun or pistol such as a Mac Ten or Glock 19 (modded if I can get it)
2# a shotgun or really powerful pistol to bail me out when I dig my self a grave so to speak
3# a large melee weapon such as machete, katana, zweihander (I chose the one with the most damage if I can find it) for cutting up stuff and for when I run dry on ammo
4# sometimes high explosives such as M72 LAW, dynamite and C4 for when I want in NOW

EDIT 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# backpack, gasmask, ballistic mask, top hat, moncle


1. For my weapons I always want a melee and a firearm, though I might just but a bayonet on my gun.
2. A screwdriver and a hammer. Never know when you’re stuck in a house without any windows or just need those 2x4s. Plus you need those for dissembling stuff and crafting. The hammer can be swapped out for a hatchet if I can find one.
3. A knife. Always want to have one on you at all times. You might need it for a last ditch defense.
4. Some kind of tool for sewing stuff. You can make the best stuff from tailoring, and it’s good to have incase your clothing is damaged.
5. Some water and food. Pretty self explanatory.
6. A crowbar.
7. A flashlight.
8. A lighter or matches.

Haven’t played cata in a while, so I’m not remembering things. But yeah, my stuff.

Loads of cocaine
Common sense Badassery and recklessness

3 ingame years and Alan still rocks

About 50 KG of armour plus a katana, bolt thrower and M1911. I made a rechargeable UPS (for light amp goggles) and rechargeable flashlight for lighting. Plus my vehicle has a spotlight on it.

I take the (electric) van with me.

It’s very rare for anything to actually injure me through the armour.

I seem to end up using the katana for butchering mostly…

A tactical loincloth and two duffel bags.

I beat all the zombies to death with my fists, no martial art style at all. Because I’m a true North American Viking!

The most storage space I can possibly fit on my person without a single point of encumberance.

Hatchet -Primary melee weapon + tool

Makeshit crowbar or lockpicking tools

Stims and medpacks

And a ranged weapon of some description, usually a small handgun.

The idea behind my build is to be fast and mobile enough to get away from most hordes, the problem is it can have a bit of trouble dealing with special zombies. However the build typically has more storage space than any other I have tried.

On my current character:
M4, 60 bullets
Full Survivor armor (Heavy helmet), survivor harness, tactical dump pounch x2, runner pack
Smoked meat
Canteen of water
Flashlight (extended battery)
Assorted medicines

On newer characters replace items with lower quality versions of above. New characters probably won’t have a ranged weapon until they’re skilled enough to use one effectively.

I don’t have a fixed list of what I carry with me when going on raiding, but I tend to travel for a long time so this is what I bring with me.

  • Backpack or similar items (duh)
  • Weapon of choice (mostly melee; maybe a handgun too)
  • A pan (to cook hunted game)
  • 2 or more bottles of clean water.
  • Some canned food.
  • Bottle of disinfectant and/or antibiotic.
  • Bandages/first aid kits/aspirin.
  • A flashlight (and batteries).
  • Warmth clothes.

Use a skewer, it’s lighter. (Unless you also want to be able to boil water).

Yes, a pan can also boil water. In fact, if I can save more space I would carry a pot even - to cook all sort of food. My “raid” tend to span out to a dozen days, so having something to boil water (or water purification tablets) is a plus.

it change every few patch because of new items but i aim for :
-a melee weapon (hand + anything that allow martial art if i pick it, or a katana out of city/ nodachi inside a city)
-A ranged weapon (not gun, usually I trow anything i get in my inventory unless there is spitter, in this case i trow useless stuff i pick for the occasion)

-Tactical dump punch *2 (24 free storage)
-Fanny pack *2 (12 free storage)
-leather belt (4 free storage)
-quiver (4 free storage)
-drop leg pouch (18 storage)
-Light survivor harness (24 free storage)
-Light survivor suit *2
-Survivor mask
-Survivor helmet
-Survivor gloves
-Survivor boots

If i can’t get what i want, i aim get at last max coverage i can + protection without torso encumbrance (leg isn’t a big deal)
This, allow a 100% coverage. Pick 5 rags, 5 scraps metal, 5 leather patch and all my tools to deal with cars (not like i care about volume at this point, 269) + sewing kit

Always when i can have with me something for fungal infection , all iodine tablets i can find, and bandage/first aid kit. Sometime a bit of water/smoked food, but not that much, i don’t stay out for long - I pick a car for this.

-Clothes, and a reasonable amount of armour
-Backpack and other load carrying gear, usually reinforced and fitted

-Sawn-off shotgun, for dealing with zombears and the like
-Combat knife
-Bottle of clean water x2
-Cooked meat x2

That’s what I use for short range raiding at the moment.

I always go out for short range raids, then get lured into the main part of the city with overloaded backpacks and a stuffed shopping cart.

And I try to come home at night, so it makes it a bit worse and better.

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