What would your survivor notes be?

“Puny tank thing I can take him I can take him I can ta”

“I swear, those mole rats want to screw me over. Kept making noise under my car, bringing zombies. rip car.”


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"If I only had more paper to write on. As it is, I had to make you read this on the piece of toilet paper I already used :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: "

I’ve just started so I’ll have to see =D

“Why the f-ck is there a f-ckin-”
-1% chance to find on corpse of Skeletal Juggernaut

“There’s just some zombie in red with a single glove dancing with 4 other zombies, do…do I shoot it?”
Note 1 of 2 found in “Apartment ruins”

“The dancers didn’t die so I shot the red one, big mistake, they just grew huge muscles and started rampaging downstairs, good thing I’m standing on the wall on the 17 flo-wait a minute…OH SHI-”
Note 2 of 2 found in “Apartment Ruins”


“Is it me, or do all of these survivor notes have terrible spelling and punctuation? Did any of these idiots finish first grade?”

“I killed a Jabberwock with my diamond katana and it started glowing. Wonder what’s up with that?”

“Marloss Man lives again!”

“Freaking saw a guy decked out in samurai armor with those monomolecular blades fighting this Rat Mutant to the death. No idea what that’s about…”


was that TMNT reference with that last one?

Yep! Super huge fan of TMNT.

Thermite Grenades when?

outside the smoldering ruins of a demolished house


“I threw a stick of dynamite at the Mi-Go like thing screaming; “YEAH!? WELL F*CK YOU TOO!” It wasn’t happy after that…man the temperature is getting so cold…”

“The line must be drawn, HERE! Those bionic bastards that escaped the lab, just keep coming like…drones or zombies or something.”

“The unknown future rolls towards us. I face it for the first time with a sense of hope…because of a machine. A bionic man that can learn the value of human life…maybe we can too.”

“Man, I always knew the human race, as a whole, was on a path of destruction. But damn, did we have to recruit 3 other-worldly beings to help us along?”


Life is simpler now…

Attention Bathroom Visitors:

Quit drinking the toilet water!


Came across a nice yet grumpy man and his crew today. They gave me water and some MREs . Said his name was Abe.


:smile: He is a bit grumpy! Hopefully he was nice. His survivora note may be along these lines.

“No problem too big that can’t be solved by a 155 mm canon mounted on some treads.”

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Sure it wasn’t Abe Froman?

THEE Sausage King? :wink:

so what exactly is it that your Survivor is doing Zone wizard? I’m guessing it involves My Little Pony porn and hot chocolate.

I’m guessing you never watched Ferris Bueller’s Day off before.

I think my toon was driving through a forest and I was trying to find an armored vehicle to strip for the plating before I could outfit my crap mobile with better digs.

Kinda funny that you would detail such specific wank material. I’m guessing it is your go too for wanking xD

I detailed wank material as you call it because it’s the only thing a lot of the people on these threads seem to understand. As far as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off goes I had to suffer through it over and over and over because my dad grew up in the 80s. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t trying to be insulting I was joking. I’m glad you have a working ride. Sorry if I’m a bit touchy. Having a vagina tends to get me in trouble on a lot of forms regarding games where the male populace is in the majority. Which let’s face it… It’s just about every God damn game in existence.

Well I goof off all the time on the forum. I just like to crack jokes and silly movie humor.

So having a vagina is a problem why? A whole lotta gals play video games. =)

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This will be my last answer on this thread because I don’t want to seem off topic. Gamer girls are very cat-like. Meaning we tend to scratch each other’s eyeballs out. So? What kind of car has you found in what are you trying to do to it? Answer this question in a private message my six legged character might be able to help you