Tip of the Day: suggestions

Origin of https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/25686, i am bringing this to the discourse to bring in suggestion for the update that has been added in #25560.

this threat here should ideally be a place for other people to leave their suggestions of tips, that would fit greatly to be displayed for the Tip of the Day.
I hope that this way we can perhaps collect a nice amount of tips of the day quotes that can be added to the game, and make sure it wont become to stale when some tips repeat themselves.

a very easy and quick template to how to leave your suggestion here is to include it in a “Text”, like here:

“The Enemy of your enemy is probably your enemy too.”

bare in mind to keep it around 75 characters long. too long lines might break out of terminal when someone decides to code them in.

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“Burning mushrooms is a great way to serve up fungi! The naturally meaty and earthy flavors of mushrooms pair beautifully with the smokey ashes that fire adds to them.”

Please keep proposed lines around 75 characters long. Too long lines might “break” out of terminal when someone decides to code them in.

“Don’t feed the jabberwock”

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“Don’t drive your tank over lava.”

“Always have a backup weapon.”

“Boil first, then drink.”

“All work and no play makes you go insane.”

“When it doubt, run away.”

“Windows can’t stop zombies, but they can stop gas, bile, and smoke.”

“Like to gamble? Use mutagen!”

“Never visit a mine shaft without a gas mask. Just don’t.”

“Having a lot of stuff is a moot point if you can’t run from zombies.”

“Knowledge is power. Seriously, just pick up a book.”

“Nothing can kill you if everything is already dead. Well, except cold, hunger, and… never mind.”

“Land sharks can be a thing now. Never forget that.”

“Tim says you can drive a car through a horde of zombies. Tim is now a zombie. Any questions?”

“Wear rubber to not worry so much about caustic substances.”

“Save the environment and yourself. Go solar.”

Remember to use wooden weapons when fighting shockers.

I like this one, with small modification though…

“Book is knowledge. Knowledge is power.”

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They sound really good! keep em coming

Agreed, also those lines are designed to bleed hidden or convoluted mechanics to players. If you can think of any that you struggleed with, or discovered far too late to your liking, invent a nice line here and make someone’s life easier.

“If you can’t find a knife try smashing potted plants. It just might give you everything you need to make one.”

“If your in need to make a quick getaway, drop your backpack, its not worth more then your life…”


“The moose hate loud noise”

“Finish your smoke before going to bed”

“Choke points are your friend”

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“Survivors don’t wash their hands, they wear gas masks to avoid getting sick.”

“If there are bars on the windows, there is probably a burglar alarm as well.”

“Need metal? Recruit zombies to scrap cars for you.”

“Turrets shoot at intruders not authorized personnel.”

What are you referring too?

If you enter bunker/lab by force you will be greeted by turrets. On the other hand if you authorize your entry with ID card the entrance will not have turrets.

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“A federal Marshall with their badge won’t have reason to fear automatic police response.”

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“You’d be surprised how many items can be disassembled into their components”

Ok, so I’ve compiled the proposed ideas with a couple of mine and here is the effect: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/25805. I’ve included ideas up to my previous post, so those posted later were not grabbed, but will be used in the next batch. I reworked most of them to my style, mainly to generalize them and remove too extensive spoilers. Thank you all for all the ideas, and keep up the good work. I’ll create the next batch if we gather a sizable portion of new ones.

i am so glad that this is working out just great! i suggest the one with the federal marshall badge to sound around to also fit for police officers, swat and so on.