What would your survivor notes be?


I usually find a small toyota style truck or a hearse for the trunk space and the additions I can add on to it later in regard to attachments.

So who says we are off topic? We are cleverly adding content and ideas for Survivor Notes :wink:

“Small vehicles with a lot of room in the rear are great for adding big things to it…suddenly reminded of my ex GF…”


Movies, my little pony, pornography, talk of vaginas – You’re right, that totally fits in a thread in the ‘Game Talk’ category.


Yet I culminated that part into a humor laced Survivor Note, well within being on topic. :slight_smile:


You need to change your profile pic. It automatically makes everyone thinks you’re upset with them. Or at least it does to me.


I’m sorry there’s just not much to do here in the Frozen North. I wasn’t trying to upset you or mess with the thread



I’m actually going to be starting a youtube channel soon and was hoping someone would make me a murder unicorn sort of icon.

But for now it’s a frownie face.

On that note, that’s what my Survivor note would be. Just one big frownie emoticon.


"I saw a guy decked out in custom-built kevlar armor encounter one of those super muscular Zombie Hulks. Dude completely ignored the danger and began running towards it, got punted into the wall… and stood up, dusting his gear off unharmed. Then that madman started a punching contest with the Hulk and massacred it, getting punted into a few more buildings along the way.

I escaped away as fast as possible, I thought the zombies were supposed to be the monsters, but it seems this apocalypse gave rise to such suicidal psychopaths as well."


I found those punts annoying. They seemed unblockable, and I felt like I was wasting time running back. However, uncanny dodge seems to let you to avoid them, though you will move a space to dodge.


“Reminder: Pack three cattail sandwiches for hike. Then kill yourself.”


This made me chuckle. But cat tails are rather bland and starchy. Kinda like eating wet lettuce or something.



(And then extra characters)


“They left me all alone. This entire city has been abandoned and they took ALL THE WRENCHES.”


Oooh, I feel bad. I got close to like 10 toolboxes by this point. Only kept like 3.


“What happened to all the goddamn tanks? Haven’t run into anything that could get through their armour, so why are they all abandoned?”


“Two things. 1) I’m not necessarily dead just because you found this note. 2)Don’t use guns, they are waaayyyy too loud.”

You see on this piece of paper what looks to be some sort of monstrous smiley face. It looks like it was made with blood.

“This sentence is a lie.”



Written in awful handwriting and suffixed by a awful caricature of a zombie, an exaggerated “>:(” where the face would be.


“Spikes? I HATE SPIKES!”

Reference to serious sam)


I have no clue who that is.


“I sleept in a gun store. Now I am surrounded by about 20 police bots. I guess an eye bot took many nasty pictures of me through bars while i sleept…”


“I found a dog and took it as my companion. I made him listen to some Heilung I had on my MP3 player and went to bed. I woke up and he had turned into a wolf. We hunt the undead together with a touch of the wild in our eyes and a zeal unmatched!”