What sort of survivor are you?

So, I have seen various “what from would you be?” creepy profiling things out there and thought to myself, “CataD.D.A. could totally have one of these.” so…
Well, I am way too lazy to finish this, but for now, I am being optimistic and hoping that the community might do this for me submit some content.
To limit the level of pollution, I would like to keep things in phases. The first phase is the questions, as they seem the most prone to pollution. So…

What questions would you ask a survivor if you met one and were curious?

All questions, even joke ones, could be helpful, so please be liberal with submissions. But no answers please, that would be pollution…

And if I felt that I possessed the mental faculties to come up with the questions myself then I would do so, so coming up with examples seems to somewhat defeat the purpose, but if I can think of anything…
“Ooooooh, I like that pointy-sharp thing! What is it?”
“Do you have a stash near here?”
“Forgive me for asking this, but, when was the last time you changed your underwear?”

What would i ask a survivor if i met one?

So if i am out there a survivor myself meeting another none hostile suirvivor i guess?

I would ask: Hey you whats your name?

and then

Do you want to team up with me?

I would ask questions based on his apperance, but generally it would narrow to:
So you got your stuff the hard way, eh? (blood-soaked, armored bench lifter)
I see you’re a crafty one. Care to teach me a thing or two? (packing tools, hand-made equipment)
Are you a trader or just a hoarder? (pile of loot attached to a man)

And some more based on observed personality (during bartering, combat, etc), but I can’t think of any. 1am here.

Have you tried city-raiding?
Do you steer clear of heavily populated areas?
Do you have a safehouse?
Foraging or hunting?
Do you like to deal with other survivors?
Do you consider other survivors “problems” to be solved?
Brute: Do you fight or flee?
Moose: Do you fight or flee?
Opossum: Do you fight or flee?

Is this your territory?

Any traps?

Can I walk around here without you trying to kill me?

[quote=“Valpo, post:3, topic:8028”]What would i ask a survivor if i met one?

So if i am out there a survivor myself meeting another none hostile suirvivor i guess?[/quote]

Man… crazy last week, right?
So, that weird creatures around dead bodies. Aliens?
Stuff haven’t been falling suddenly from sky anymore. No more airplanes?
Any news about the government/army/Internet?
Have you seen any minefields? YES, there are minefields, be careful, ok?
…any videogame store around?

Did you know you’re the figment of someone else’s imagination? And that I’m the main character?

Who were you before all this?

Any family?

What can change the nature of a man?

The eater of the dead…
/NPC jk

  • Is that gun loaded?

Give me your boots, your keys and your motorcycle.

What questions would you ask a survivor if you met one and were curious?

My word! You really don’t have any sense of style, do you?

Nonetheless… maybe you could be of some use to me. Do you have any rags? I was working on a faaaabulous suit not too long ago, it would really help me out!

And also, please be a dear and guide me to the nearest clothing shop… I really need to replace this dreary tie. It’s such an awful shade of grey.

Oh, and do you like harmonicas? If not, I’ll kill you!

How many Zeds have you killed?

How many humans?


“Why do you have fur all over you?”


Actually, what I would ask my guy…

“Sherlock Wolf! There’s another murder!”
Door opens again
"Sherlock Wolf! Zombies breached the fence!”
"Can’t you see i’m butchering a zombie for meat!? Grab my 50.BGM Caliber Sniper Rifle now!"
Door opens, again.
“Sherlock Wolf! A horde has arrived!”
“Woo! Beer! I remember why I made a 200 acre Beer Farm now!”

Yes, Sherlock Wolf.
Well, my PC, a Police Detective manage to turn into a Huge, Wolf.
I have no idea why I always find Lupine Mutagen everywhere.
And yes, he has the mutagen Huge.
And he also has approximately 200 acre farm, made only for mass-producing beer.
Oh, and he has a machine gun, which I assume he can hold with one hand.
And a sniper rifle, which is huge, and is ungodly deadly. Seriously, I one hit killed a Tank Bot, and it even has 120 Range! SWEET

Did you headshot a tank? :smiley:

I next to never find mutagen. always have to craft it myself… especialy the one i want is probably none existent so it has to be crafted.

I’d ask what Rick asks in Walking Dead:

Q1: “How many walkers have you killed.”

Q2: “How many people have you killed?”

Q3: “Why?”

What would I ask a survivor?

Hm. I guess, if we’re in the middle of the end of the world…

“What do you know how to do? Everybody gets a job, so what’s yours gonna be?”

Cuz being a total loner is for psychopaths and kooky hermits that forget how to talk. Humanity survives on its cooperation, y’know?

Do you still bother to write any more?
Do you bother to read any more?
How long did it take to stop seeing the people behind the zeds?
How long until survival became rote practice, instead of panicked necessity?
Do you sleep much any more?
Do you have regrets for your old life?
For this new life?
Do you miss the safety of before?
Where will you go?

Let’s not forget that not all survivors have to be selfish arseholes.

[i]- Are you hurt?

  • Do you want to get out of this cold? I know a good place.
  • I found some food at the grocery in town. It’s not much, but do you want some?
  • Do you want to stick around? We stand a better chance together.[/i]

Then of course there are the other questions that come up when you start thinking too much.

[i]- So… how many people have you lost?

  • You think things will ever get better?
  • Hell, do you think we’ll survive the week?
  • You run into any others? Survivors, I mean. I’m starting to feel like we’re the last two people on earth.
  • Have any keepsakes you carry with you?[/i]

I like this mental exercise.

How many humans did you kill?

Do you have mutations?
Do you have bionics installed?