What SHOULD be more realistic?

I understand what Kevin is saying, and respectfully disagree (and also acknowledging that Kevin has much more say than I do in what gets accepted). The things mentioned are necessary compromises required by underlying game mechanics.

I believe there’s a class of compromises that can be argued for on the grounds that they make the game more interesting or fun even if they bend the realism a little, in particular if they concern rather peripheral things that won’t really affect normal game play.

A good way around the replanting trees thing would be to have the Gardening Supplies and the Home Improvement shops have “pre-planted” trees as part of their loot perhaps. Small / medium sized trees that just need replanting or something.

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It’d be nice to transplant useful trees instead of cutting them down, when clearing a path through forest.

Perhaps it should require that you wrap 7 tiles of vehicle “root cutter” part around the tree. Then you’d use vehicle controls to activate it and it would remove the tree and attach it to the vehicle. Then you’d reposition your vehicle such that the tree is over a deep pit and activate the vehicle root cutter again.

What you get, mainly, from buying trees from suppliers is that the fruiting part has been grafted onto a sturdier root stock and that they’re grown a year or two (out of 10-20), so they shouldn’t really change the time from planting to maturity to any significant extent.

While I believe it would be technically possible for survivors to construct tree moving machinery (at least assuming they’re able to make deathmobiles), it’s still a large undertaking (and someone would have to make the parts and other logic for it in the game, possibly with the requirement of a specific book to find the recipe for the part(s)). Once transplanted I’d expect it would take the trees several years to recover, so they wouldn’t yield much/any fruit until they’ve settled in.

(I don’t have any particular knowledge relevant to tree growing, though).

It’s very detailed. I think it’s an excellent module. Maybe you can share it with us! Thank you for your contribution!

no problem, Thank you all for the input. I mainly wanted keep things as simple as possible by adding a boom crane requirement to allow pulling the tree up and several hours construction time to simulate digging up the roots by hand (possible it just would take longer). I have a post thread for the mod which has a link, but so you don’t have to look for it heremod link

edit: link to mod thread(includes list of what mod contains):thread link

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im a bit lost on the story but realisticly most clothing stores should be full noone really gets them during a panic (remember last year?) other than survival items ie. (boots gloves ect)

According to the lore many stores where looted during riots. They might not have been as bad in the country side but the riotors where basically people driven insane who rioted just for the hell of it (basically a quarter of the population turned into the eqeaveland aggressive and psychotic holliguns pumped up on hard drugs) . I doubt that these people would leave any store alone if they had the oppertunity to loot it so that is where much of the clothing whent.

Maybe 99% of the people didn’t respond, but they were infected by the virus before the action. Because there are too many zombies in the city, the remaining survivors can’t explore for fear or various reasons (NPC is never as smart as the protagonist)
But… Shouldn’t weapons and other military supplies deserve more attention? Even if people don’t use
In the last days, people can have protection without wearing other clothes that will make you cumbersome (if you don’t feel cold or have special environmental requirements), and underpants can’t stop you from wandering outside, because there are no other living people

Firetrucks should contain large tanks of water. Also, their sirens seem messed up (all red and all in middle).

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I think Lactose Intolerance should be changed. As someone with Pancolitis I don’t eat fast food or drink milk and find them disgusting. My reaction is the same as always. There is just a chance that eating too much of something could cause a flare up. Which doesn’t always happen anyway.

I think thats what the trait should do. You suffer no morale penalty from eating lactose containing food but there is a chance that it will cause a flare up which will impact your speed, make you tired (since in real life loss of fluids causes this with a flare up). And maybe mild pain.

That would make the trait realistic. At the moment it isn’t as realistic as it could be.


The flare up itself could cause a very slight morale loss. It never bothers me in that way but I imagine it does for some people.

Might even be able to add Asacol/Mesalazine as treatment for the condition.

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Can i ask why the traits malnourished and Obese (I think is called XS, XL I don’t remember right now) only gives you 1 one trait point? I think that it at least should give 2 or 3 points.

Trait points are a lie!

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i also have seen that the game have a groundhog (woodchuck). So as the law requires me to say it, i will ask.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Answer: A woodchucker’s wood chucking’s worth.

Both malnourishment and obesity can be cured in the game (where it might be easier done than in reality), so they shouldn’t be worth a lot of points.

XS and XL (and XXL) are used to indicate the “size” (rather than weight) of a mutated character, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t believe the game has anything corresponding to the clothing store system of XL, XXL, (XXXL?) to provide clothing for various levels of obesity, so players don’t have to change clothing to fit changing waist lines, but they do have to replace their clothing if they mutate into something much smaller (e.g. rat) or (very) much larger than a human (e.g. ursine). Also note that the game doesn’t have the concept of clothing size based on height, but rather the simplified fit/poor fit, where the latter is everything that’s not of the PC size.


Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of science?

Thank you, by the way.

Because obese is basically free calories which you can spend upgrading skills by reading books while eating nothing. I don’t really get why it does cost anything, imo it’s more of a bonus than a malus.
Also, the answer is “a metric chuckton”.

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Given all the mutations going on, we could have giant mutant woodchucks that devour whole trees :slight_smile:


Legs/feet fatigue should be a thing. Rucking 30km with a heavy backpack may f*ck up one’s legs. And if our feet are not prepared for such distance, even ~10kg pack may make an enormous difference. Pain, blisters, bruises, blood, maybe even infected blisters. This is reality