What SHOULD be more realistic?

We have all heared the debate about whether realism is good or bad and killing the game or whatnot. But what aspects of the game could use more realism? What are things where more realism would be good?

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in no particular order, makeshift vehicles being actually bad and brittle instead of just as good as factory made ones, mutations growth not being instant, surgeries being more complex, egg laying and monster spawning fro eggs not requiring the eggs to rot, farming and crop growth being generally mroe fleshed out, water being actually deep, having more ways to cool your bodies, having wounds instead of hit points. And probably a lot of other things


• 烟雾的运动会受人物移动或者汽车移动的带动干扰
• 汽车的停放和建筑的生成位置应该更加合理
• 呆在一些小型的封闭的建筑物内(比如5*5)即使不烤火也应获得一些环境温度上升(超1小时)
• 城市中应该有绿化(树、植被等)
• 超大型灯具(游戏中应该分为LED、白炽和普通灯泡)长时间开启应该有烧坏概率!(比如10小时有5%,20小时有20%,40小时有60%等)
• 农作物的生长不应该受@的距离限制(可能是R64?)
• 游戏中应该有极端自然灾害(地震的土地影响〔需要Z轴完善〕、暴雨的地面雨水堆积〔城市下水道会受此而涨水不可通行,还可以新增排水建筑让游戏乐趣更多〕等)


ongoing world events sounds like an actually real fun idea… like, having a thunderstorm in game actually causing thunder to impact somewhere in the vicinity, causing fire to burn things nearby unless contained (it wouldn’t work super well with how small the reality bubble is, but perhaps even that could be expanded in the future?)

I’d say there’s a LOT of things that COULD be made more realistic, but some that we wouldn’t necessarily want, things like diseases that happen at random and cause your character to be debilitated for a month or so, and the only cure is rare items and bedrest… fun and not fun still, yeah?


If anything, makeshift vehicles should be stronger/better, as there’d be no regulations left to care about.

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low tier unskilled vehicles fall apart at random, but high tier high skill vehicles, or stuff made out of existing vehicle parts, dont? XD



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Problem with implementing lower backpain might be that people heal better do to blob so long term wear and tear might not effect survivors. There is also the fact that some suvivors in game get a lot stronger than any pre-cataclysm human, so how do you determine at which point a mutant with the strength of a chimp starts developing back pain?


I think the most pressing example is AI. More realistic AI would make the game far better and solve a huge number of other balance issues. Once our NPC AI can do its own looting and scavenging, it will solve a lot of loot balance problems, eg.

That cascades into other things. More realistic loot spawns will help make a scavenging AI successful, for example. AI that can drive vehicles will help push us towards better vehicle code. Monster AI that handles hordes properly will encourage more realistic base building and expansion rules. Etc.


I believe the biggest one is the hardest: getting rid of the reality bubble so that things happen even when you’re not there. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to simulate every single critter in the world all the time, as you can probably have varying levels of abstracted actions, but in order for others than the PC’s character to act reasonably they need to be able to act while not in the PCs reality bubble. One way to do that would be to give “important” characters reality bubbles of their own that might be fully equal to the PC’s bubble, while somewhat important characters are able to act in their environment on a more abstract level that makes sense when the PC arrives on the scene at various intervals (e.g. NPCs having looted some things and consumed them or constructed something with it while the PC was away, but then gotten killed by zombies).

How is simulation done right now? Is it implemented as calling tick handlers for every item/entity in the bubble on every simulation step?

Speculation, as I don’t know how the code actually works…

When you set your companions to dismantle a car while you’re away getting new ones to dismantle, you’ll see them drop a whole pile of vehicle components when you return. That indicates that this part of the logic is resolved when you return by fast forwarding what has happened since you left. I’d expect that to be done as a list of actions that’s proceeds to the next one based on whether enough time has passed to go through that stage. Similarly, I expect that NPC movements aren’t calculated in detail as the enormous hordes of birds would cause a much larger lag spike than it does now (plus the observation that they can teleport past obstructions to some extent in that process).

While in the bubble I’d expect every tick to have to be processed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to actively process every item every tick, as it’s possible to set up queues for events that trigger an action (such as eggs hatching, or, rather, being due to be processed to determine whether it hatches or is destroyed), which would, of course, have to be done in parallel with “physics” checks such as the removal of the floor of a tile and the subsequent fall of what’s on top of it, or running a vehicle over the items on a tile.

Things are done once every X time units, where X and time unit are different for various things. E.g. morale is updated once per minute, terrains and furniture emit fields once per ten seconds, falling is processed each second.

One thing that could use more realism is the amount of calories that your character can store based on their height. Currently every character is able to store 55000 calories before becoming overweight. Height does however increase the amount of calories you normaly burn so taller characters starve quicker than shorter ones. This is escpessially hilarious once you realice that this goes for huge mutants too. So a huge mutant weighing in at over 150+ kilograms is only able to store a measely 55000 calories before being overweight. And those same calories that translate to a kilogram on a normal human suddenly translate to several kilograms on a huge mutant.

Fat zombies should be FAT (i.e. contain much more tainted_fat)

Aren’t people in the USA fat in general or is that just a stereotype? I suppose that’s why a normal zombie weights 80kg. Perhaps the fat zombie should be called obese zombie? :slight_smile:


Crashed airliners and/or other types of crashed aircraft should have parachutes spawned sometimes, in addition to sporting goods, military surplus stores and anywhere else a parachute might be found. The coding part of a parachute would be pretty complicated to allow it to do more than what the bird wings mutation does, less so if it’s possible to add parachutes as pseudo “mounts” with just enough lift to glide and descend gently with some limited control over where the character will land but not enough to maintain altitude. Paragliders would be interesting too as more accessible but still relatively rare means of unpowered “flight”. Of course there isn’t much in opportunities to climb at enough altitudes for substantial parachute or glider usage within the mostly flat landscape of the worldgen right now, changing that would require the likely code-intensive implementation of hills and mountains with varying z-levels.


Trees should give realistic amounts(more) of fruit.


Was discussed before. Until there’s a system implemented for storing states of furniture/terrain, it can’t be done realistically.