Simple additions mod

I wanted to add some simple things to cdda so I made a mod containing them.

the mod contains:
-phenol production from willowbark
-acetone from acetic acid
-aspirin from acetic anhydride
-acetic anhydride and synthesis
-gypsum from walls and usage to get sulfuric acid
-sulfur from sulfuric acid and a reducing agent
-blunderbuss ammo able to be crafted with matchhead powder
-egg shells and conversion to limestone
-weak antibotic production (sulfa drugs)
-crude disinfectant from things like bleach and vodka
-caffeinated caramel
-ammonia from bird litter
-aspirin-like tea from willow bark
-yeast spread (marmite) to use up excess yeast
-some more blunderbuss weapons
-arming cap, a helmet to go among side the gambson
-wooden armor for inawood characters

known issues:
-you can od on caffeinated caramel
If anyone can explain why this is happening it would be appreciated

-this is my first mod so feedback on mistakes I made would be appreciated
-feel free to add features of this mod into the main game (I made the mod because I don’t know how to add stuff to the main game)
-this is my first time using github so let me know if there are problems downloading the mod

link to mod

edit: fixed a bug with the wooden helmet
edit:fixed a typo


Very nice. Some typos here and there (missing capitalizations, commas, a missing “from” in the Marmite entry), but I think I’ll throw it in and see if anything breaks.

No crashes yet, so all the I’s are crossed and T’s dotted as it were. I did notice that the baking recipes that use eggs do not produce eggshells as a byproduct as the other egg recipes do. Not sure how you’d fix that without separating the recipes that use fresh eggs from the ones that use powdered entirely.

in regards to your known issue:
all items that give the stimulant effect can cause an overdose.

Thanks but why is the stimulant effect of things like caffeinated chewing gum capped at 31?

added the following
-shock protecting union suit (that can be worn close to skin)
-stimulant pills: phenol+(zinc or aluminum)+glycerol + formic acid + ammonia ->stimulant pills
-food from birch bark and wood (the edible part of bark)
-made gravel effectively unsmashable
-smg from pistol parts (for .22 and 9mm)

Is this the proper way to indicate I added more stuff or is it too spammy?

You could probably edit in a changelog to your original post, but I doubt anyone feels all that strongly if you don’t. (I could be wrong, this is the internet after all)

Thanks for the advice, I’ll probably do that when I get a chance, unless people complain of spam i’ll also post once a month ish of stuff I recently added.