What obscure/unique weapons you want to see in C:DDA?

so recently, i’ve been considering to make a mod about obscure/unique weapon that exist in real life but i’ve been run out of ideas now (i’ve seen some obscure weapons added to the game now like AF2011A2 pistol A.K.A “2 welded M1911”)

so, may i ask what obscure/unique weapons from real-life you want to see in-game?

UPDATE : its finally here, your weapon ideas has been released as mod (Link to the mod))

Can’t recall if perhaps one of the gun mods already done did it, but I have had a massive gunboner for the Pancor Jackhammer ever since Fallout.

what exactly do you mean by obscure?

But what about a whip?, like a real whip used for combat in movies, not like the bullwhip, simething that can reach farther and with a bit more of damage.
Or if you only mean firearms, what about something like the gunblade? although i guess is kind of the same as the firelance (or wahtever is called) that already has a shotgun shot on a spear, but the gunblade could have more shots.

What about “utility” weapons?, like more recipes for smoke bombs, or posionus/fire bombs/throwable objects

obscure by means of design and capability.

if i remember, whip has been added into the game, and gunblade… hmm maybe there is already a mod adding that weapon? i don’t know.

utility sounds good, i’ve never tried making utility-based weapons. but what im looking for is firearms that is unique like AF2011A1 (Double-Barrel m1911) or NS2000 (forward pump action shotgun)

A Katar maybe?

There are a few variations of this including one with a built in single shot pistol



for some variety when it comes to throwing weapons?

Katars are already in.
Makeshift ghetto katars, but katars nonetheless. Would be cool to be able to forge the real deal, though.

I always thought that was more of a tekko-kagi then a katar, sort of like makeshift wolverine claws?

sounds good, chakram could be put into throwing weapons.

as for Katar, i think its already exist in the game.

Sounds cool, but like I said above, I don’t think the razorbar katar is the same thing. In fact I think it’s wrongly named, the description doesn’t match the indian katar and seems to be closer to a makeshift tekko-kagi, the only related results that comes up for either knuckle katar or razorbar katar is stuff related to CDDA or the indian katar because of the name.

will research on that. i think there is variety of katar around the world.

Someone mentioned a whip. I’ve been reading the Red Rising series and in that they have ‘razors’ which are basically whips that you can flip a switch on and it becomes a sword.

If you’re just getting into modding, making a transforming item might teach you something you haven’t done before. It’s not difficult by any stretch, but it’s always good to learn something new.

ohh i heard that before. some sort of whip covered in razor sharp blade that when swinged it will act like whip and retract back. that’s new.

yeah… im still learning and experimenting with JSON now, and transforming item seems like a good start.

Also, for my mutant pals with 18+ strength that they really only use on the greatbows, gigantic weapons!
Think Cloud’s buster sword, or even a stop sign that has been remade into a battle axe, or street pole with two fire hydrants at the tip to make a massive hammer of some sort.

holy damn, that is one hell of a weapon…

i’ll research into this too, and for your mutant pal, no worry… i will make something special XD

just dont forget to post the link

Blow guns for early small game hunting. Something simple like a modified pipe & splinters of wood for darts. Maybe a poison dart ammo variant as well.

I would be a huge fan of the dueling shield. I feel like it could actually be semi viable for fighting zombies if you’re of a very defensive mindset. I mean look at this thing.


I see your dueling shields and raise you my pata.

Yes, it’s a gauntlet sword.

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The pata is pretty sweet. You could pair it with the ridiculous lantern shield as well just for funsies.

Maybe a Arm Mounted Gun?