What happened to zombie necromancers

were they removed? I have not seen them in months.

They are there, they are just Jabberwock level uncommon.

Wait, really? I’ve run down at least 5 on my recent save. If this is Jabberwock rarity, I think I need to stay out of the forests.

Well It was an hyperbole but yeah they are still very uncommon

Considering the last few versions of Cataclysm have trained people to butcher/pulp every corpse they come across, zombie necromancers have kind of lost their edge.

How much time does pulping actually take? I’m not really sure, as sometimes when I do it in combat I seem to lose a lot more time than others.

All actions take a certain number of “moves.” The average person gets 100 “moves” each turn. You can see how many moves your last action took by looking at the move counter in the lower right of the status screen.

For me, pulping takes about 150-200 moves–or just about 2 turns. For comparison, a melee attack with a small weapon (like a pipe) takes about 1 turn. I imagine the time needed to bash corpses to a pulp depends on strength and the tool you’re using.

I usually stack a lot of corpses and pulpe them in one time, during the fight itself, so i can flee without see all of them coming back.
With a weapon of 94sp b12 c0, it took me 150.
With a weapon of sp83 b4 c0, it took me 132.
With a weapon sp115 b4 c38, it took me 92, with the [quick strike] on the weapon if it matter (don’t think so)
str 19 (base 20 -1)
skill b5, c0
Sound like time needed to pulpe depend of your “dps”.

Along the same lines as “_____ is so rare” …

Anyone EVER seen a Fire Engine spawn in game? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single one, yet they’re in the JSON file.

[quote=“Dominae, post:9, topic:4356”]Along the same lines as “_____ is so rare” …

Anyone EVER seen a Fire Engine spawn in game? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single one, yet they’re in the JSON file.[/quote]

A quick search of the code shows that they don’t yet spawn at all. Not even in parking lots (the normal place to find ultra-rare vehicles).

Probably an oversight on the part of whoever added them.

I can definitely confirm that Zombie Necros do still exist. Got 3 here.

I’m playing 0.9 on zombie quantity of 5.0 and have a total kill count of ~2k of which 5-10 are necromancers. I have never seen a Jabberwock and I don’t mean this version, I mean never. I encountered my first zombie hulk recently though.

Jabberwocks tend to lurk at the edges of forests along highways, from what I’ve seen. I’ve met a few, usually at 120 mph in an armoured truck. Much faster than a vorpal blade.

Jaber are quest ralated, so they spawn only if you allow the npc to spawn (at last, as far as i know it go like this).

Yah, I’ve only seen the NPC/quest triggers Jabs before.

I had one spawn RIGHT outside the shelter in one of the newer experimentals.

NPC dude was all “hey, my friend and I were out camping and-” (Jab appears outside the window & was all Koolaid man “OH YEAH!”)

Blew through the bottom right corner of the shelter wall. Took out the broken computer and everything. We never stood a chance.

Had 3 necros in a short game session yesterday, all in larger cities. They’re not scary anymore though thanks to (B) and (s). Feel like they could use a buff of some sort. Maybe they spawn something when in range. Wall of bones around them, a wave of Z’s … something to up the scare-factor. Right now they’re just a different color Z you have to chase down.

Nope. I got them before. No NPC’s. It sucked because I was playing a “challenge” character and was only using javelins so I stood no chance against it.

Necro are confirmed, and yeah a defensive buff could fit them to help them survive more time so they can buff more basic Z.

Now, off-topic message about jabber.


I don’t know what you mean by “before” but i’v played a lot from v0.8+ with most experimental version; I don’t remember, but it could be a bug related to some specific version, or maybe you just put on only one of the 2 option for spawning npc (Static & random npcs) without noticed somehow ?
Not that i don’t trust you, but i found weird that with the number of hours i’v put inside this (count in days, not in hours, or the numbe will be too big :p) i didn’t find any jabber while i always end near wood because of my archery build (and now the need of wood => charcoal => mutagen).

I only remember fighting jabber with version 0.7 and experimental of it, before i just totaly stop spawn them because how much they bug. And during this time, jabber spawn was somewhat bugged, and always spawned around wood no matter what.

Just to be sure, i’v enabled npc to my world, and will see if they spawn. Kill count of 2700 while i avoid fighting most of the time.

The planned buff for necros is to spawn them with a group of regular zombies that follow them around, so that at a minimum they all attack you at once and provide some ressurection fodder for the necro, same with masters. Also they might run from you toward other groups of zombies.

Jabberwocks used to be insanely common in the woods; now they are more as intended - the zombie Hulk of the woods. If you can see it, it can probably see you. And it’s faster and stronger than you. Luckily, they are blue-moon rare.

I’ve encountered a few necromancers and yeah, they could use a buff. Maybe decrease the timer on their ability so they can revive zombies before you get to smash them all? As they are now, they just take more hits but are robbed of their power, even when part of a zombie crowd.

Oscillating Carrot has found 5-6 zombie necromancers so far, sometimes just chilling randomly in a house with no other zombies, and sometimes out in the streets, where they are usually accompanied by 6-7 normal zombies. In between the melee one-hitting and corpse-smashing, the necromancer has no time to rez them.

So I guess once the player gets a good enough melee skill and weapon, even the planned buff wouldn’t be a challenge?
The hard part is finding a buff for zombie necromancers that won’t fuck up newer/less badass characters too much… Then again, maybe they just could be that powerful. They are supposed to be a freakin necromancer. Just shoot life-force-draining bolts of necromancy at the player… slight overall health loss, slight increase in hunger and thirst, maybe it even heals them? (Of course they could still rez corpses).

Oscillating Carrot/Madi the b.a.m.f. deserves credit for this idea. I am merely a messenger.