What fictitious in game item would you like to see most in the cataclysm?

Wabbajack wabbajack wabbajack

o_o That’s a confusingly worded question.

I’m partial to the Ripper from the fallout series. Always thought that’d be a good zombie apocalypse weapon.

I also have a bit of a love affair with the Rock-It-Launcher, also from Fallout (3). It’s basically a bazooka that shoots whatever you load in it, like tin cans and other junk.

Ah, finally a good use for those talking dolls. Cannon ammunition.

How about the heavy bolter from warhammer 40k.
Or the masamune or muramasa swords.
Or the Vorpal Blade to deal with those pesky Jabberwocks.

The solar powered lasguns from 40K would be nice.

If you kill a jabberwok with a diamond blade it becomes vorpal… or used too. I might have some of the details wrong.

I thought the ripper was in the game.

Bags of holding from D&D

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Bag of holding reminds me to the Nethack. Which reminds me how awesome in the Nethack that you are what you eat.

I would like to see as my beginner survivor kills and eat a spitter zombie then barf acid on the next pesky dog or melt doors with the acid. Etc., etc. The ability would be temporary only and bad for the health. Also there would be cocktail recipes to get these special abilities for longer time.

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sounds like a good mutation ideal

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got the message “as the flames in the jabberwocks eyes die out, your weapon seems to glow slightly brighter”
still a diamond zweihander though no idea if it did anything
nevermind seems it adds a new strike vorpal strike cut damage multiplied by 99 crit only

Warhammer 40k Bolter or chainsaw bayonets like in Gears of War.

Bring back exploding slugs for a shotgun. Nothing accurate or with a big bang. But something like an M80 would be nice. Still would be smaller than a 40mm grenade, yet packs a splat fest to the face of a zombie!

On a side note. I would like dragons breath shells for a 4 tile birdshot+ignite thing…don’t use in doors! :wink:

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Some more futuristic melee weapons like lightsabers, some kind of electric whip that can stun enemies, weapons that can freeze your enemies… Just some ideas…

Actually I was trying to create a mod that add a CBM multi-use weapon, but as soon as I deactivate the CBM, the fake weapon don’t withdraw so you kinda get an integrated multi-use lightsaber stuck on your hands forever.

A sword that can absorb damage and convert to health

“Your sword cuts through the zombie and drain it’s vital force!”

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I would like to see some One Piece references, like spawning of Devil Fruits deep in forests near Sacred Temples or artificial Devil Fruits in labs made by Dr. Vegapunk? Or Dr Vegapunk’s recipe notes deep in labs? This could be for mid/later game stages with very rare spawning or could be also done in early stages of game. It would be cool to see tho-your character having awesome permanent mystical powers that cant be undone and that is upgraded based on its frequency of uses and in the kind of situation that ability is used? Is this asking for too much?

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Portal gun(not generator) so you can teleport to your base wherever you are. But anything can enter/leave so watch where you place your portal

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You can mess with the game files and crate a mod for yourself (it’s not difficult, just require some practice), but don’t expect it on main game.