What was your strangest encounter?

It could be a funny encounter with a certain NPC, maybe a glorious death, a peculiar sight, a lucky find; really, just, anything.

I’ll start with one I remember:

I was walking through the forest some time ago, maybe a year - i’m not too sure. Anyway, I stumbled across a half finished/wrecked cabin, with a single “grave” with an old teddybear placed on top - next to it was a human corpse, an empty M1911, and 2 empty .45 casings.

I buried the body next to the grave of the child and made a sign reading some heartfelt words.
I kept the M1911 as some sort of remembrance and camped at the cabin for the night.

Very few games had made me be immersed in such a level.

Ohhhh yeah. Had a similar. I was scouting around with my car in the plains. Then I see some tree stumps at the edge of the forest. A wide path of stumps that continues beyond my sight. No way I’m walking away from that. So I pull out a gun and start being careful and start following the path on foot. Had there been no stumps, one could’ve driven a truck there - that wide a path. I come into a cabin of some sort. Definitely some kind of survivalist compound. Multiple buildings. Barrels of water organized in a row, with funnels… overgrown vegetation. The kicker was that the place wasn’t marked on the map at all! I mean, an unmarked location? Color me ‘ready for anything’. Almost heartbreaking to see that kind of virtual disrepair. Mshock tileset. God, I even had some really nice music playing to go with the experience. Truly, whoever did that place, did a fantastic job. Didn’t look like anyone was there. No NPCs, no dead bodies or zombies… until at long last, I find some human remains, bones IIRC, in a dark corner of the largest building. And a bunch of good gear on the bones, like a duffel bag and other useful stuff. Presumably belonging to a male, since no bras, panties or skirts… but then a pistol and a single empty casing. My face then ._.

F*ck, I think the dead guy’s pistol mag was even one round short of full. Nice. Touch.

All that preparation. Could’ve lived his days out there. But it seemed like the end of the world finally got to him. Or maybe he was bitten and didn’t feel like waiting around. Goddamnit T_T

Another one. May have told this before.

My char and an NPC drive by a mall. I witness a mi-go battling a legion of mall zombies (great societal commentary there btw: “mall zombies” = consumers). I start making bets internally about how many zombies the mi-go can wreck before it dies. Six? Nine? Ha! No. It rips the zombies apart one after another. Like 20 or 30. Couldn’t believe my eyes. But then the mi-go becomes too injured and tries to flee. Didn’t expect it all, so I was bit surprised. Being way faster than the zombies, the mi-go flees into the nearby woods, pulling at least 50 zombies behind it. I just sit there, stare my mouth slightly open and keep pressing down the wait key, hoping the zombies won’t get interested about me. It crossed my mind to set the forest on fire, but I couldn’t be arsed. Anyway, I decided to drive off.

Should’ve taken screenshots, damnit…

I’d put another story but it’s almost 2 am and I gotta get up at 6:30, so whenever I get the chance I’ll write it down.

I once made it to the ground floor with a lab start, only to be greeted with the sound of an explosion going off every couple turns, with the origin seeming to roam around somewhere outside the walls, coupled with a whole bunch of “You hear a crunch!” notifications. I didn’t have an easy way out at the time, so I went back into the lab and continued scavenging and living on human flesh out of desperation until I was able to craft some dynamite. I finally managed to blow the lab doors open, only to be greeted with the sight of a badly damaged chicken walker, surrounded by what must have been at least fifty triffid corpses of all kinds, with the ground all around it shattered and scarred from explosions and triffid queen attacks. Apparently my lab had spawned almost directly adjacent to a triffid grove, and this chicken walker had brutally and efficiently been scrubbing all trace of it above ground.

Unfortunately, it spotted me immediately, so I ducked behind the doorway and moved back to one of the coridoors adjacent to the main entrance hall. It FOLLOWED ME INTO THE BUILDING, so sprinted into one of the side rooms, closed the door, and basically did the cataclysm equivalent of curling into a fetal position and sobbing.

I ended up waiting there for about six hours, hearing it trudging around just outside the door, when eventually I heard another, large explosion, and then silence. I waited a while, and with no further sounds, I decided to risk a look.

At some point during it’s random wanderings, the chicken walker had stepped on a Laser Dissector, which in it’s damaged state had apparently been enough to kill it. Kind of an ignoble end, if you ask me.

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There’s this shipwreck location in the game, infested by some sort of crab creatures IIRC. Can’t remember their name. Not many around the ship. But then they start coming out of the water (wetwork? lel) as we approach. First there’s one… then there’s two dozen. I had an NPC with me but the crabs make short work of us in melee. I reload the game and consider my options. Because I had the NPC, I didn’t want to use fire… but then I remember I have a tear gas grenade in my car. Now, tear gas doesn’t work on the zeds, but what if…? I decide to use the NPC as bait. I give her a gas mask, my best armor and off we go. The crabs start emerging again. The NPC bait works - she’s quickly surrounded. Time to toss the tear gas. The gas spreads wonderfully, while the NPC keeps offing the crabs one by one. “I wonder if the gas is working…”

Then I get this absolute FLOOD of messages about the creatures dying. I can’t see much due to the billowing cloud. Sure enough, they had choked to death. We finish off the stragglers and head into the ship (which was rather uneventful).

Razorclaws, yea. My new survivor hit them up. From the name, Melee was immediately a no-go. I used a burst-fire pistol and a lot of ammo. The Roe in their nest is great though.

I had a weird NPC encounter with the same character later. Had an NPC approach me, warn me to keep my distance. I tried to persuade them that I wasn’t gonna hurt them. They panicked, and turned to flee. And by turn to flee, apparently the game means “Rush my survivor with nothing but their fists”. So that was interesting. Then the poor guy just wouldn’t die, took so much damage from my fireaxe that his leather jacket actually disintegrated halfway through the fight. Took out both his arms, his legs, half his head HP, before finally killing the poor guy.

Dunno why he fled into my character though. There was a clear escape route in the other direction.

As for lucky finds, same character, after the NPC encounter. I’m playing with the overmap rebalance that causes like, 80% of buildings to just be burned or bombed out craters, but I got incredibly lucky, the one gunshop in the starting city was intact. I started formulating a plan to try and break in, and lo and behold…

The back wall of the store was missing. Not burned, not collapsed, not rubble. Just, cleanly cut off. Like someone just picked up the concrete, and moved it somewhere else. Incredibly lucky, I could just waltz in, grab some guns, and walk out the front door to stick them in my van. Later, used it as my sleeping space for that night.

More annoying than strange, but,
“I’m fucking goddamn goddamn mafucking goddamn mafucking hungry!” --Roger Fitzgerald, moments before dying from a pneumatic crossbow bolt to the face.

In one of Rycon’s LPs, he killed a bandit using nothing but an AA12 shotgun and something like 50 beanbag rounds. Most brutal death ever. He didn’t realize he was using beanbags, and was wondering how on earth the guy was surviving so many shots :stuck_out_tongue:

Early on in my current game, people kept walking up to me and complaining about jabberwocks, and often as not, dying almost immediately afterwards of extreme zombie attack. The mission location is always this little stretch of forest about thirty overmap tiles south of my position, and I avoid that place because it sounds like nothing but trouble.

Finally I build up my deathmobile and get a pumped up M1014 shotgun and head south. As I approach, I hear a lot of roars and eventually see four jabberwocks tearing into each other. By the time I’ve got the APC stopped, two of them are down and the one of others is in bad shape. I finally mercy kill a jabberwock with the shotgun. It was a little anti-climatic.

I remember I curiously booted up a ‘sheltered’ starting scenario, and I picked the militia profession, as it started with a M1 Garand and a bit of ammo.

I explored the interior of the bunker then I went outside and explored the surrounding wintery forest.
Found a bear, shot a bear, skinned a bear, and later cooked a bear.

This all seems normal, but I decided to try out two new things that I haven’t tried before:

I woke up to a massive ruckus going above me, and I curiously went outside to look

It was an NPC running around the forest burning it to the ground
Then it hit me
No, it literally did - a hulk appeared out of nowhere and launched me into a group of zombies
I ran for the trees, I found the NPC and a burned forest, burning zombies, and a ton of loot.
At this point I had no idea why there were so many zombies, so I hit ‘M’ to check the map and saw TILES of flashing Z’s on the area surrounding my shelter. Mind you, this was before the hordes were revamped and when just existing brought thousands of zombies in your direction.
I quickly ran back into the shelter and tried not to tactically shit my pants even further

I went back outside when it was daylight to find zombies and zombie corpses EVERY WHERE
They all locked on to me, spitters, hulks, brutes, shockers, everyone was invited.

I promised myself not to play on hordes again.

I have a picture that I took of the ordeal, but it’ll take some digging which I can’t really do right now.

The picture of the story above.

Driving across a field diagonally at 70 mph. Apparently driving diagonally can make you still get hit and shot.
I got shot. Near a tear in reality. By a Yugg.
Luckily all i got was the mutation of Perceptive.

long time ago I had what felt like swarms of zombears coming out of the river I lived by


I met a slime (migo ?) that kept making joke and following me while i smashed her friends. I named her Bob, until she decided to turn hostile when i killed a frigging Zombie.

was driving on my motorcycle along a long road which had a forest of one side,and a big swamp on the other.
then suddenly i see a house,not marked on the map and it had nothing of value.
then something i cant quite explain happened.
some rare enemy i cant remember which name had is in the house,it uses some attack which makes dark appear and spawn clones or whatever they were of it.
this happened like 7 months ago last time i played 0.c.
havent seen such house or anything like it again.

[quote=“xironfistx, post:17, topic:12755”]was driving on my motorcycle along a long road which had a forest of one side,and a big swamp on the other.
then suddenly i see a house,not marked on the map and it had nothing of value.
then something i cant quite explain happened.
some rare enemy i cant remember which name had is in the house,it uses some attack which makes dark appear and spawn clones or whatever they were of it.
this happened like 7 months ago last time i played 0.c.
havent seen such house or anything like it again.[/quote]

It was probably a “strange house”. Weird, randomly generated thingies that spawn otherworldy monsters.

it was a rather creepy moment.
the house barely had furniture at all.