What about no zombie at all? =D

what about a mod that disable all the zombie and raise the npc spawn?
the towns should be full of people to interact with and for which carry out missions
now that nps works (at least on experimental) well it could be possible

So… The sims?

And the enemies would be all the other monsters? The problem is that it would mean easy loot in the cities unless you fill it with other guardians.

imagine all npc to be hostille

DayZ roguelike :smiley:

[quote=“Arek_PL, post:4, topic:7421”]imagine all npc to be hostille

DayZ roguelike :D[/quote]

Do i take that as a joke or serious suggestion hmm …Funny either way xD


A well armed survivor approaches you!
He says: Give me your beans.
Give Beans? Y/N. Y
You give the survivor beans.
The survivor shoots you!
You have died.

I think it’d be more like this:

A limping survivor approaches you!
"Hey… I got bitten… I need some antibiotics or I’m not going to make it…“
Offer help? Y/N. Y
"I can help.”
"Really? Thanks? I can give you some equipment before you go out. Do you want some?"
Accept offer? Y/N. Y
You accept his offer.
The survivor gives you a mininuke (active).

i think it would be cool, npcs may give you mission about killin stuff for them on sh1t like that
psychopat cannibal ftw!!

Btw, this was recently added, there’s a “widlife only” mod that takes advantage of a new creature blacklisting feature to make it where only normal wildlife spawns in the game.

That’s cool, i’ll give it a try!

Inb4 “What about no moose at all??” mod request

i actualy its easy to mod no moose with small or no codding skills (i nerfed some z animals before i learned how to combat them)

So something caused the economy to collapse and now its like an 80’s post apocalypse movie with raiders and a wasteland. Like the fallout series with quests but Ascii…

that sounds cool to me

Sorry if i necro a bit, but i haven’t really seen it? Also, is there a way to have all NPCs hostile? And boost their spawn?

You necro’ed the anti-necro (no zombies) thread.

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