Surviving the Cataclysm

So the thing that I understand is that this game, when you start out with the base “Evacuee” starting build, it takes place on the day of the Cataclysmic event that wipes out everyone? (If i’m wrong and it takes place later just tell me.)

If so why aren’t there more people and less zombies (or blobers if you want to get technical.)

1 day and entire cities are made into zombie fuck parties all day, every day.

Wouldn’t there be more NPC’s and people trying to survive these zombies? Like in Dead Rising 2. That starts having you running through a horde while you see characters die around you. I’m not saying that you should start the game out like that. I’m saying if you decide to run back into town there should be Survivors beating a zombie brute with a frying pan, or a bike pump, something that isn’t a weapon much like a desperate person would do if they don’t have a “real” weapon.
Have NPC Cops positioned on barricades to hold the tide of zombies, worms, and crazy shit. Make police bots not just a triggered thing from an eyebot, and instead a more unique situation of trying to avoid the line of police bots tazing and gassing the crap out of NPC’s and zombie alike. Or having portals actually be useful and start pumping out demons in the middle of cities. Adding to the chaos.
And also go ahead and drop in some post Chimera mutants in there because in the lore that’s what they were used for. Of course after two to three days the survivors, chimera mutants, cops and police bots would be totally destroyed and turn back into a zombie fuck party again. It would make Day 1 much more unique and terrifying then what it is now. Basically just a smash n’ grab. Which isn’t all that fun after the 50th time you’ve done it (like me).

Just a suggestion from the guy who places every game on hard :slight_smile:


Play as a sheltered survivor scenario, disable NPCs, set spawn rate to 10, pretend you’re the last man on earth.

Jesus that’s tough. I’ve been playing sense 0.8 and even I can’t do that…

Its day 5, actually.

Really? Cus I do it all the time, just with spawn rate set to 3 and item spawn rate at 0.1 for that added post-apocalypse feel. I hate NPCs honestly, I much rather prefer imagining my survivor as literally the last human alive.

Yeah, It is day 5 so it doesn’t make any sense. But it would be cool though.

Also, I do like NPCs because it adds just a bit more to a already amazing game. And I do set the spawn rate to 2 or 3.; But keep NPCs on. Nothing like walking along and see a person get mauled to death by 30 soldier ants.

Gotta love Cataclysm